25 Ways Society Is Unfair To Men (According To 25 Men)

Man Treated Unfairly
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1. We’re considered dispensable.

“Everyone, including other men, thinks I am dispensable.”


2. We’re blamed for all things wrong with the world.

“Being blamed for all things wrong with the world.”


3. We get blamed for all breakups.

“People will side with the ex off rip and assume that as the male, the break up must have been our fault…. females can be fuckboys too, y’all.”


4. We get blamed for all divorces, too.

“Get married and wife wants a divorce? You must be an abusive asshole.”


5. Women aren’t taught to be kind and respectful to us.

“Being taught to be kind and respectful to women, only to find out they weren’t taught the same.”


6. Women and children first.

“The whole women and children in the lifeboats first. That’s some bull. I want to live, too.”


7. We die younger.

“We die younger on the average.”


8. No matter how hard our lives are, we’re supposed to ‘suck it up.’

“That ‘be a man, suck it up’ bullshit.

We’re not robots. We’re supposed to have feelings too.”


9. We’re not allowed to cry.

“We also have feelings, but society taught us not to show them. Boy who cries is a wimp, supposedly. Sometime this year will be 20 years since I last cried. I don’t even know how, even if I sometimes feel the need.”


10. It’s OK to body-shame us.

Body-shaming a woman? Terrible. Unthinkable if you are a male, you are a pig.

Oh, you are a boy without a six pack, 6’0 ft, and don’t have a ten-inch penis? You are joke for not helping the way you were born.”


11. We are seen as nothing more than a paycheck.

“I am my occupation and paycheck.”


12. We hardly ever get full custody of our children.

“Even if the mother is an abusive, bipolar sociopath, it’s difficult for the father do get full custody of children.”


13. Stay-at-home dads are seen as deadbeats.

“I recently retired after 20 years of military service. Once I retired my wife insisted on working for a while so I can get vocational training into a new job. When people find out that my wife is working and I’m a stay at home dad (for the time being), I get sneers and off comments assuming I’m a deadbeat. I try my best to ignore it however, it does sit in the back of my mind most days.”


14. We always have to make the first move.

“It’s really hard to be passive/submissive in the dating world. Why do I always have to be the one that messages first? Or initiates sexual contact?”


15. A false accusation can ruin us.

“That we can have our life forever ruined for a false accusation.”


16. We’re expected to do all the manual labor.

“The expectation to cover all manual labor tasks inside of a relationship.

Now I know not all women are like this…but lets be real, a lot of you are.

Also…stop stealing our hoodies. It’s not cute. It’s fucking theft.”


17. We can’t talk to women without them thinking we’re flirting.

“If I just randomly talk to you and you’re female, I’m automatically hitting on you. Woman, don’t flatter yourself.”


18. People think it’s impossible for us to be sexually harassed.

“Women that think is cool to pinch your nipples, squeeze your arms, touch your hair, or slap your ass. If I did that to them, they would put me in jail, but somehow they think they are entitled to do that to me.”


19. We’re vulnerable to false accusations by women.

“Making the first move when you’re unsure of hints. Not because I’m scared of rejection, but I’m scared of false claims of rape. There’s so many horror stories of people claiming rape or something that it honestly makes me want to stay away from the opposite sex completely. I would never intentionally hurt a girl, or try to even make one uncomfortable. But I could say something wrong to one and my life could be over.”


20. We have to be extremely cautious around children. People just assume you’re a child molester.

“Having to be extremely cautious around children. People just assume you’re a child molester. This one time I was at the park with my 3 y/o daughter and another girl was hanging form the monkey bars asking for help (she could just drop 4 feet but was scared). Her mom was WAY over on the other side of the park. I was frozen and didn’t feel safe in helping this girl down because it would mean grabbing her around her legs. No way that wouldn’t get me in big trouble. So I just sat there and she eventually had to let go and drop to the ground. I dunno if that makes me a bad person but I just don’t feel safe touching other children in ANY way unless it’s an absolute emergency. Society says men are child molesters by default.”


21. Most suicide victims are men.

“The fact any problems we have are largely swept under the rug ’cause we have historically ‘Had it better’ or we are expected to be ‘privileged’ enough to ‘deal with it ourselves.’

Most suicide victims are men. Most workplace accidents and fatalities are men. Most victims of violent crime are men. Men who are convicted get longer prison sentences, and are more likely to be seen as the aggressor or ringleader. (Women in contrast are always seen as accomplices or accessories) Male victims of domestic violence have fewer resources then their female counterparts, and they are more likely to be the ones arrested even if they aren’t the aggressors. Male-on-male bullying is usually met with ‘boys will be boys.’ (…then again, female-on-female bullying is treated with just as much disrespect, so I guess that doesn’t matter.) Males are less likely to go to college or law school these days….

Can you imagine the outcry there would be if the figures were reversed?”


22. We’re expected to be competitive with other men.

“I hate that a lot of other men have this weird idea that everything has to be a competition. You really don’t need to make everything a pissing contest.”


23. We have lost part of our identity.

“I think men have lost part of their identity. We’re told repeatedly to act more less like men (don’t do ______ it’s dangerous) but at the same time women are saying they can do anything men can which begs the question, what’s a man useful for. This isn’t to say that either should be treated as less than but that in our effort to ensure that women aren’t less than men we’ve transitioned into women aren’t different than men. My fear is that men will start using identity issues in the future if they aren’t already.

But hey, that’s just like my opinion man.”


24. Women are allowed to hit us, but we can’t hit back.

“I’m allowed to be domestically abused in the eyes of many women and police officers. Guys are told they can handle it. We aren’t all 6’10” with a black belt. Girls can kick your ass as well. But, and you’ll notice this more now, whenever a girl hits a guy on TV, it’s played for laughs. Can you imagine the opposite going on TV and being laughed at? The controversy that would cause?!”


25. We’re expected to work until we die or give up.

“It kind of sucks that the expectation of being a guy is that you’re essentially just going to work a minimum 40 hour work week until you either die, or have nothing left to offer. I’ve had a job since I was 13 (part time), and I’ve had a full time job since I was 18, including when I went to college. I’m not even 40 and I’ve already spent like 15 years working full time jobs, and my official ‘retirement’ age is 65, so I still have at least another 25 years of working full time before I can even begin to think of retirement.

It would be nice to at least have the option of just taking a year off to regroup, relax, spend time with my family, and come back to work refreshed, but essentially no employer is going to allow that, and being out of the workforce for an extended period of time doesn’t look good if you go applying for new jobs.

Whoever thought it was reasonable to expect people to work a minimum of 40 hours a week for their entire adult life just to get by should have their balls kicked so hard they throw them up.”

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