29 People Reveal The Most Viciously Heartbreaking Thing Anyone Ever Said To Them

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1. ‘Sometimes when we make out, I close my eyes and forget what you look like. Then I open them again and get sad.’

“Sometimes when we make out, I close my eyes and forget what you look like. Then I open them again and get sad.”


2. ‘You ruin my happiness.’

Said to me, by my mum when she was pissed off. It was ages ago and we get along great now but fuck it still hurts.


3. ‘I think we should see other people, I’m not ready to settle down.’

Said by my former fiance while I was about 6 months pregnant.


4. ‘I want to love someone like you love me.’

My ex of 7 years.


5. ‘’I think you WANTED him to do those things to you.’

No I didn’t. I was fucking 9.


6. ‘C’est la vie. Do it, bitch.’

When I came to my mom at age 13 to tell her I had been struggling with suicidal thoughts. I still shake remembering those words.


7. ‘I don’t think I ever loved you.’

She told me on my birthday after admitting she’d been cheating on me with some guy from one of her classes. That was a bit of a rough semester.


8. ‘You’re not enough.’

Said to me when I was a child by my mother as I was trying to convince her not to commit suicide….

I called the police soon enough that they got to her before she bled out.


9. ‘I hate thieves.’

When I was probably 6 years old I got caught stealing a pack of baseball cards or something. My mom made me call my dad, who lived with stepmom, and tell him what I had done. He told me, quote: ‘I hate thieves.’ That was it. End of conversation. That one stuck. My dad effectively told 6-year-old me he hated me.


10. ‘I just don’t love you anymore.’

“I just don’t love you anymore.”


11. ‘You’re damaged goods.’

He told me no one will ever truly want me other than for a fuck.


12. ‘I wish I had the other baby instead and that you were the miscarried one.’

Before I was born my mom had a miscarriage before she had me. So when I was I think 9 or 10 I did something wrong in school like got detention or something. I remember coming home and getting in an argument with my mom and she said to me, ‘I wish I had the other baby instead and that you were the miscarried one.’ I still am distant a bit to my own mom because of that and haven’t forgiven her 14 years later.


13. ‘Jason, you can do anything you set your mind to, but you won’t.’

When I was about 10 and my grandfather looked me in the eye and said that. I come from a long line of alcoholics, drug addicts, and all around screw ups that also happen to be incredibly smart. It became this ever-present message in the back of my head, also my name is in fact not Jason.


14. ‘I’m not attracted to you anymore.’

Said gf of 7 years. No words have ever stuck with me more.


15. ‘You aren’t even a man, it makes me want to puke that you came out of my body!’



16. ‘I wish I had aborted you.’

During a fight, my mom yelled this. Before she became pregnant with me, she was a drug-addicted homeless person who was estranged from her own parents. After she gave birth to me, she got a house, a job, and got her life on track. My birth is probably the only reason why she’s still alive, and she wishes it had never happened.


17. ‘Who are you? I hate you.’

By my mother whilst she was in her final days of battling cancer. It had eaten away at her brain and she genuinely didn’t know who I was. She thought I was keeping her in hospital against her will.


18. ‘You were born the wrong gender. I wanted a boy and I tried to be happy with what I got but I can’t.’



19. ‘I wish I could go back in time and have that abortion I wanted. Having you ruined my life.’

My mother is a very lovely person.


20. ‘I wish you never came back.’

After a suicide attempt that nearly killed me and left me in a coma for a long time, said to me by a best friend at age 13.


21. ‘I don’t love you anymore.’



22. ‘I don’t care about you enough to hate you.’

I asked a girl I was (platonically) emotionally invested in, asked her if she hated me.


23. ‘Can’t you see that you are just a failure? I don’t want to be dragged down with you.’

Ex-GF before leaving me


24. ‘I could never love you.’

Mom after I told her I was gay.


25. ‘I was only nice to you because I felt sorry for you.’

And this coming from someone I thought was a good friend. I stopped talking to her after that.


26. ‘Maybe you’re just not supposed to have kids.’

My older sister to me after I had two miscarriages, and we got denied adoption. I was also incredibly depressed (shocker) so this hurt extra bad.


27. ‘You’ll never deserve love, not even when you’re on your death bed. No one will be there. No one will cry.’

My father, the very last time we spoke.


28. ‘You’re not the child we thought you could be. We don’t want you anymore.’

Foster family to me, after living with them for a year, and hoping to be adopted by them.


29. ‘It should have been you.’

At my brother’s funeral from my mom.

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