40 People Reveal The Exact Moment They Realized Their Significant Other Was NOT ‘The One’

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1. When he complained that my stage 3 cancer was making him unhappy.

“Had stage 3 cancer. One day my SO says to me ‘I am a happy person. And right now, with all your health issues, I am not happy. I deserve to be happy.’ We broke up that day. 3 years down the drain.”


2. When she broke into my apartment through a window to lie and tell me she was pregnant.

“Used her car as a ladder to break into my second-floor apartment through the window, look at all my emails and instant message history, break a bunch of shit and wait for me while crying to tell me she was pregnant, which turned out to be a lie which I found out after she also lied about getting an abortion.”


3. When I walked outside the pub and saw her making out with a complete stranger.

“When I walked outside the pub and saw her making out with a complete stranger. Four years down the drain but at least I dodged the bullet of marrying her. Thankfully I’ve met a much better woman since then.”


4. When she suddenly declared she was able to talk to angels.

“My wife of 13 years and the mother of my two children, seemingly out of the blue, claimed she had a ‘spiritual awakening’ and can now see the future, communicate telepathically with animals, and can talk to angels. The angels told her to have an affair with another married man.”


5. When he ragged on me for not getting over my mother’s death…a week after she died.

“‘God, it’s been more than a week since your mother died. Aren’t you over it YET?’ Fuck. You. Goodbye.”


6. When he poked holes in condoms trying to get me pregnant so I wouldn’t leave.

“Tl;dr Poked holes in condoms trying to get me pregnant so I wouldn’t leave.

I only found out because his roommate suspected something because my ex kept saying things like ‘what if she gets pregnant?’ and saying if I did he’d have to move out and get a place with me to raise a kid. His roommate asked if we were being safe, I said yeah, and he told me I might wanna take a test. It’s really common for me to skip, so I hadn’t thought anything of it. Turns out, I was pregnant. Thing is, I’m very sick with chronic illnesses, and in not knowing I was pregnant, wasn’t able to get the medical help I needed for them to survive and ended miscarrying shortly after I even found out. So while it’s kind of sad, it’s probably also a good thing that happened since I was only 20 (he was 25 with a career and ‘ready to settle down’ even after I said I wasn’t). He was also abusive looking back, but didn’t realize that until the whole debacle happened.”


7. When he blamed me for being molested from age 9-11 because I easily could have stopped the person.

“He blamed me for being molested from age 9-11. Said I was ‘old enough to say something’ and wondered if I actually wanted to let it happen….I was molested from age 9 to age 11, and when I told him this, his reaction was ‘Why didn’t you stop him?’”


8. When she told me about the time she got so mad she crushed her pet bird to death with her bare hands.

“She told me about the time she got so mad she crushed her pet bird to death with her bare hands. You know, because we all get so mad you just need to feel the death struggle of a small, innocent creature.”


9. When she stabbed me.

“Well, she stabbed me. So, that was a clue to get out.”


10. When he made my brother cry by joking about suicide.

“Made my brother cry by joking about suicide, which I’d asked him specifically not to do.”


11. When she smacked her cat in the head.

“I’d been dating a girl for a few months. One night, her cat got out and was bitten by a neighbor’s dog. He was terrified and in pain, and that might have been part of the reason he peed on the rug next to his litter box when we got him back inside. But the girl ran over and smacked him really hard in the head, yelling at him to stop. I immediately imagined what kind of mom she’d be if we ever had kids. I broke up with her a couple weeks later.”


12. When she had a threesome…whilst I was attending my uncle’s funeral.

“She had a threesome…whilst I was attending my uncle’s funeral. Yes, we were dating at the time.”


13. When he stole my pain medication after I hurt my back.

“He stole my pain medication after I hurt my back. I was absolutely beside myself worried that I’d lost them and my toddler would find it before I did, so I ripped my house apart to no avail. Had to go back to the doctor to get more painkillers, which raised suspicion that I’d already used them all….I found them at his house when I stopped by to pick up my phone charger and his son let me in (he was at work). There they were on the coffee table…with my name on the sticker on the box and everything. There was no indication whatsoever that he had a drug problem, in fact he was a bit of a health nut so I still don’t understand why….It was a huge relief when I found them but then a huge disappointment when I found out he must have taken them. I just noped out.”


14. When my fiancé shoplifted from my place of employment, which got me arrested and fired from my job.

“I was engaged to a guy and we had just moved into our own home. A few months later, he was supposed to pick me up from work and he met me near the back where I clocked out. As we walked out the door we were grabbed and led into a room. Turns out he had shoplifted and since I was walking with him, they assumed that I was in on it. I was arrested and spent a night in jail and I was fired from my job. While I was fighting the legal issues I couldn’t get another job since I had a pending theft charge, so I lost the house that I had just fully furnished. It kind of worked out though because I ended up moving across the country where I graduated from college with honors and met my wonderful husband.

Tldr: fiancé shoplifted from my place of employment, which got me arrested and fired from my job. Oh and the charges were eventually dropped and I got my job offered back to me, but fuck them!”


15. When he went out drinking with his friends rather than console me over my grandmother’s death because it sounded ‘more fun.’

“The moment I had found my grandmother died I called him asking him if he’d stay over so I didn’t have to be alone. His reply, ‘Well my dad and his buddies want to go out drinking tonight and to be honest that sounds more fun. I’ll hit you up after.’”


16. When I realized he’d never be willing to sacrifice what I’d sacrifice for him.

“After 5 years, I realized that I was willing to drop everything in my life for him, and all he had to do was ask. I would give up my dreams and ambitions if it meant staying with him in the same town, with the same people, forever. In that same moment, I realized that he would never even consider doing the same thing for me.

I haven’t seen or spoken to him in 4 years, and I plan on keeping it that way because I worry that all those feelings would come back if I ever saw him again. Love is fucking crazy.”


17. When she laughed about my depression.

“The moment she laughed about my depression.”


18. When he said the loose skin from my weight loss was ‘fucking gross.’

“I had lost about 150 pounds and had (what was expected) some loose skin. I was standing in front of the mirror looking at myself when I was about to shower when he walked in.

The first thing he said was, ‘Fucking gross!’ He walked behind me and we were both looking at me the mirror when he took the loose skin in his hands and said, ‘I thought it was hard to have sex with you before, how the hell am I ever going to find you attractive now? How will ANYONE find you attractive with this?’ while squeezing the loose skin and moving it with his hands.

I said nothing. But the feeling of completely losing all your love for someone in one moment is a powerful one.”


19. When she made me decide between her and my cat.

“She said, ‘Either your cat goes, or I’m not moving in. Take your pick.’ (She wasn’t allergic to cats; she just didn’t like them.) I chose my my cat and told her so instantly.”


20. When she sent me a picture of some other guy’s dick in her mouth.

“She hung out with some of her ‘friends’ playing cards one night and starts to drunk send me pictures of one of their dicks in her mouth while I’m at home from University sponsoring an event for my little brother. I had just given her $1800 to pay off loans so she could go back to school because I wanted to help her out. Biggest waste of 2 years of my life.”


21. When she told me I deserved my depression.

“She told me I deserved my depression…so, that made me realize I couldn’t be with her.”


22. When she accused me of killing a baby animal I’d tried to save.

“I tried to save a dying baby animal.

My girlfriend at the time told me not to pick it up because the mother wouldn’t take it back then, but one look at the little guy and I knew it didn’t have long to live anyhow. It died minutes later while I was still caring for it.

At that moment my girlfriend said: ‘Great job!’ and sarcastically slapped me on the back in mock congratulations: ‘You killed it.’

I was worried about our relationship before then, but that was the moment I stopped looking at ‘us’ through rose tinted glasses and realized that there was no way that comment was meant to be anything but purposefully hurtful.”


23. When she punched me in front of her dad.

“Punched me in front of her dad.”


24. When she beheaded my teddy bear with a knife.

“Worked late one night, stopped at a bar for a few on the way home. When I got home, she was nowhere around, but there was a kitchen knife and a beheaded teddy bear on the bed.”


25. When she accidentally sent me an email intended for the guy who’d been fucking her ‘brains out.’

“Accidentally send me an email saying, ‘He’s going to be working late tonight again. Why don’t you come over and fuck my brains out like you did last time?’

Yeah, that was a sign.”


26. When she made out with another guy in the bathroom at the birthday party she threw for me.

“Made out with another guy in the bathroom at the birthday party she threw for me.”


27. When I realized she had absolutely zero drive to do anything in life.

“Having absolutely zero drive to do anything in life. No license, no career goals, no plans for further education, living at home, etc. Just…she was a nice person, but a person going nowhere and I don’t need that in my life.”


28. When he sent his ex to beat me up because he didn’t think we were having enough sex.

“When he sent his ex to beat me up. I talked my way out of the fight and confronted him about it. His reasoning was we didn’t have enough sex. We seriously had some form of sex just about every day. Way to communicate, bro.”


29. When he started screaming at me because I didn’t want to do cocaine that night.

“Starting screaming at me and threatening to send me home (in the rain) because I told him I didn’t wanna do blow that night.”


30. When I came home to find him with two hookers…on Christmas.

“Came home to find him with two hookers…on Christmas.”


31. When I found out my son wasn’t biologically mine.

“Found out my son wasn’t biologically mine. Seemed like a pretty good indicator to move on from her.”


32. When I realized she looked exactly like my mother.

“She got out of the shower, wrapped up in a towel, put her hair up in a bun, and stepped over to the mirror.

And for like one full second looked exactly like my mother.

Two years, straight down the drain.”


33. When he broke up with me because we couldn’t have sex…because I had uterine cancer…

“I had cancer and the day I went in to surgery, instead of being there for me or wishing me well, he tells me he cheated on me. The reason being was that I wasn’t having sex with him. (Still blowies, though). I had uterine cancer. I literally medically couldn’t have sex with him because of the invasive testing they did and needed to heal….”


34. When I found him curled up next to his mom in bed.

“We were staying the night at his parents and we got into some petty argument. I went to sleep thinking it was over and when I woke up he wasn’t in bed next to me. I walked around the house checking all couches and extra rooms and he was nowhere to be found. His parents door was cracked open so I peeked in and found him cuddled up next to his mom. So yeah that was the end of that. I sure do know how to pick ’em.”


35. When we somehow both got chlamydia.

“Somehow we both got chlamydia.”


36. When I overheard her talking to a friend on the phone and was complaining because her boss kept cumming inside her.

“Overheard her talking to a friend on the phone and was complaining because her boss kept cumming inside her.

I let her finish the call, then told her to pack her shit. Drove her to the bus station, tossed her bags out, pulled her out as she cried (she fell to the ground), got back into the car and drove away. Never looked back.”


37. When she got mad at her dad while he was having a heart attack…and he died as a result.

“She got so mad at her father after an argument, when he was in the room next door to her pleading for help as he was having a heart attack, she did nothing. He died.”


38. When she told me she’d be more attracted to me if I were rich.

“After 3 years.

‘Honestly, I’d be more attracted to you if you were rich.’

…Fucking wut?”


39. When she threatened to off herself if I didn’t propose.

“She threatened to off herself if I didn’t propose. I called her bluff.”


40. When I came home covered in blood and she asked if she could finish watching her TV show before going out to buy me bandages.

“I came home after an accident, completely covered in blood. I asked her to go out and buy bandages, and she asked if she could finish her TV show first. It was over after that. Seven years.”

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