12 Things Men Will Never Understand About Women’s Bodies (According To 12 Women)

Flickr / Taichiro Ueki
Flickr / Taichiro Ueki
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1. What it’s like to have to sit there and stew on top of the huge glob of chunky blood that just came out of you.

“What it’s like when you know a huge glob of chunky blood just came out and you have to sit and stew in it during whatever is going on that doesn’t allow you to go to the ladies’ room.”


2. The constant paranoia of getting pregnant.

“Despite being sure that you haven’t had sex, the paranoia of thinking that you might be pregnant. Pregnancy is scary.”


3. We don’t get aroused by dick pics.

“I don’t want to see a picture of your penis.”


4. Reproduction is horrifying and excruciating.

“How truly horrifying and excruciating reproducing is.”


5. Bleeding for 4-16 days a month is exhausting, expensive, and often painful.

“We don’t like the fact that we get moody sometimes, either. The fact you point it out constantly makes it worse, not better. Bleeding for 4-16 days a month is exhausting, expensive, and often painful.”


6. Men have no idea what period cramps feel like.

“I don’t think my husband understands period cramps or what that does to me over a seven to ten day span of time. I don’t have easy ones, and normally one day out of that week I am incapacitated for about 20 hours. I’m a rough lady, I have a high pain tolerance but that is unreal.”


7. PMS makes us feel like the fattest, grossest thing to ever exist.

“PMS. I swear I’m not making up excuses just so I can be bitchy toward you. My patience is literally almost gone, and I’m just prone to sadness or anger. Also, I feel like I’m the fattest, grossest thing to ever exist, and nothing you day will convince me otherwise. Which makes me more sad and angry. Just give me hugs, feed me chocolate, and stay the hell out of my way for a few days until I’m back to feeling like a rational, patient human being.”


8. Women are physically very weak compared to men.

“Women don’t understand how physically weak they are. Most 15-year-old boys are stronger than most adult women.

Please carry a gun or at least mace when you’re alone.

I get it ‘feminism women’s power hur dur’

But I’m telling you after puberty it’s like fighting (physically) with a small child.”


9. Listen, don’t offer advice.

“That sometimes women just want to talk to you about their problems. Be sympathetic and don’t try to fix the problems or suggest how to fix them. Comments like ‘she did you wrong!’ are helpful.”


10. When we complain, just listen—don’t try to fix anything.

“Sometimes women just want their boyfriend to sit, listen, and EMPATHIZE with whatever batshit crazy emotional stuff comes out of their mouth. Men always try to fix shit. It’s not about fixing anything, it’s about hearing, and empathy, regardless if it’s wrong or not.”


11. Period shits—period.

“Period shits.”



12. They don’t seem to understand anything.

“The female anatomy and how vaginas work on a day-to-day, regular basis. Most guys know how sex works, but once you mention something mundane that you’re just used to happening, they’re amazed. I once mentioned that discharge is a daily thing that doesn’t have anything to do with sex and my guy friend responded with complete shock.”

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