44 Women Reveal The Specific Male Body Part That Makes Them Drool With Lust

Flickr / Ed Ivanushkin
Flickr / Ed Ivanushkin
Found on AskReddit.

1. For some reason, thick wrists with dark arm hair gets me.

“Wrists. For some reason, thick wrists with dark arm hair gets me. Maybe because it looks so much manlier than most female wrists which are more narrow, the bones don’t look as sharp and the hair is not as noticeable.”


2. The Adonis Belt.

“The Adonis Belt. But arms are nice, too.”


3. The Iliac Crest.

“Iliac crest—that line from the hip bone down yum!”


4. Armpit hair.

“Weird fetish for armpit hair on dudes, also fit guys who have the nice back dimples going on.”


5. Adam’s Apples.

“I’m attracted to Adam’s Apples. The bigger the better. I’ve always wanted my own but life didn’t work out that way and now I like men with big ones. Also, hands.”


6. The part of the neck around the Adam’s Apple.

“His neck around the Adam’s Apple, makes my teeth sweat.”


7. Muscle definition around the hips.

“Sounds weird but hips. Men with some muscle definition around their hips just makes my knees weak.”


8. Crinkles around the eyes when a guy smiles.

“Crinkles around the eyes when a guy smiles. Some call them crow’s feet but I call them panty droppers.”


9. Dimples make me stupid.

“Pretty eyes, or dimples. Dimples make me stupid.”


10. Chin dimples.

“So many things. I like men so much….When they have a chin dimple….Men are great.”


11. Eyelashes.

“I’m also not sure if it’s just me but most guys I’ve been with have amazing eyelashes, especially lower eyelashes. I think that makes their eyes really pretty.”


12. Red hair and freckles.

“Lately I’ve had a thing for red hair and a cute face with freckles.”


13. Big incisors.

“I’ve always been attracted to guys with big incisors and smaller other teeth.”


14. Pale eyes.

“Pale eyes and dark lashes.”


15. Long hair. Long hair. Long hair. Long hair.

“Long hair. Long hair. Long hair. Long hair.

To be specific, long hair that’s well-groomed and styled. Doesn’t necessarily matter if it’s just shoulder length or lower (but god would I adore a guy with really long hair).

Also, something about a man’s legs in a nice pair of jeans is appealing. Really makes me want to sit on them.”


16. Veiny, strong hands are my weakness.

“Here’s a list of things I find attractive; Strong jawline, eye smile (eye smiles kill me), dimples and a bit of a goofy smile can also make my heart melt. But the thing I find most attractive appears to be hands. Jesus Christ, veiny, strong hands are my weakness.”


17. Veiny forearms.

“Defined veiny forearms make me wet…”


18. Protruding clavicles.

“Protruding clavicles, bony elbows & knees, and my all-time favorite is ribs that are visible from the back.”


19. Good quads and calves.

“Good quads and calves. I am the biggest pervert in the gym when a guy with good legs is at the squat rack.”


20. Pecs.

“Pecs. Generally I’m an upper-body person. Male legs are kinda creepy to me.”


21. Strong jawline.

“A strong jawline makes me melt.”


22. Long fingers.

“Long fingers and forearms that look thick and strong but not jacked or anything. I love it. I love watching my SO cook, it’s incredibly sexy.”


23. A good bum.

“Gotta love a good bum, something to hold onto and give a good squeeze.”


24. I like a good view while being choked.

“Face and forearms. I like a good view while being choked 😳”


25. Broad shoulders.

“Broad shoulders melt me every time.”


26. A big Adrian Brody nose.

“I like a big nose, like an Adrian Brody nose.”


27. Lots of body hair.

“Arms for sure, and honestly, body hair. I might be in the minority here, but there’s something about it that’s rough and masculine and makes me feel more feminine.”


28. Kind eyes.

“Eyes. My boyfriend has the kindest eyes, and that genuinely makes him more attractive to me. Eyes can tell you a lot about a person sometimes, and his are just so kind and loving. Sorry if you have crazy eyes and you’re 100% amazing/normal :(“


29. Thick eyebrows.

“Thick eyebrows.”


30. Beards make me sexually aggressive.

“Beards make me sexually aggressive. Some kind of raw animal lust—a cavewoman instinct or something. So fucking sexy! Purrrrr. My husband knows if his face gets hairy he better be ready.”


31. Toned arms.

“Toned arms. When I see a man with nicely toned arms I’m usually fantasizing about him.”


32. Strong hands for the grabbing of my tits/throat while we fuck.

“Good smile, deep voice, strong hands for the grabbing of my tits/throat while we fuck…BRB masturbating.”


33. The small of the back.

“Christ that’s hard….I like all bits of man…there isn’t a bit that is particularly ‘better’ than the other bits; I think I find all a man’s body parts sexy if I like the man. But I think the piece of man others probably don’t immediately think of that I find very attractive is the small of the back. I love the small of the back.


34. Dad Bod.

“Fit-ish men in general. Or what some call the dad-bod. Fit arms/shoulders and a bit of a belly, dear lord hold me back! But to be more specific strong arms/forearms are the most attractive thing to me. Not like, super huge, but if you have thick arms and the muscles show while doing everyday things that make you flex, I’m yours.”


35. It’s always the balls.

“It’s the balls. It’s always the balls.”


36. HUGE, thick, working-man hands.

“Hands…I like HUGE, thick, working-man hands. Backs are secondary; something about a broad back is really a turn-on. Essentially, I want a lumberjack.”


37. Full lips.

“I find full lips incredibly sexy.”


38. The ‘dip’ right below the belly line but above the pelvis.

“The ‘dip’ right below the belly line but above the pelvis. I know it’s oddly specific, but /swoon.”


39. Beards.

“Partner had never grown a beard before. Had to grow one for a costume I made him. Didn’t seem him for a few weeks after he started growing it.
Guess what I found I was suddenly attracted to.”


40. Hairy beer bellies.

“Hairy beer bellies. Seriously they make the best pillows.”


41. V-line body shape.

“V-line body shape.”


42. Cheekbones.

“Cheekbones. Necessary and sufficient. Nice if he has a small nose and hollow cheeks too, and glasses.”


43. Blond with big, thick strong legs.

“Blond with big, thick strong legs :) If I went to Sweden, I don’t think I’d be coming back anytime soon.”


44. Saving the best for last…

“A nice big ol’ dick.”

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