29 Men On The Dumb Little Things Women Do That They’ll Never Understand

Illustration by Daniella Urdinlaiz
Illustration by Daniella Urdinlaiz
Found on AskReddit.

1. Shaving off their eyebrows and drawing them back on.

“Shaving off their eyebrows and drawing them back on.”


2. Lugging around purses that weigh more than a newborn.

“I don’t know if it’s stupid, but why the hell do you lug a purse around that weighs more than a newborn?”


3. Hogging the closet.

“My girlfriend occupies literally 98% of our massive 12ft. by 6ft. walk in closet and constantly complains that she has nothing to wear.

I have one half of one rack in that closet and feel like I could cut even that down and still easily get by.

I don’t get it. I don’t know that I want to.”


4. Wasting money on jewelry while ragging on how we spend our money.

“First she’ll spend multiple hundreds on a piece of jewelry and wear it 3 times a year, then she’ll judge me for spending $600 on a motorcycle helmet I wear hours every day for months on end.”


5. Spending $200 at the hair salon for nothing.

“Going to the hair salon, and coming out with the same exact hair. Just now $200 less.”


6. Mobbing the bathroom.

“Go in groups to the bathroom.”


7. Torturing themselves for ‘beauty.’

“The level of suffering for self-beautification.

I’ve waxed my leg as a joke: You can fuck off. I’ve got some semi-serious medical stuff that has me in pain for long periods, I’ve been hit with bottles, broken bones and all number of stupid things, I’m pretty familiar with pain – yet I still wince when I think of it: I would not pluck, pull and tug the levels of things you do from your bodies on a regular basis for anything.”


8. Wearing back-breaking high heels.

“I will never understand high heels.

Yeah they make your butt look nice and I guess they help your posture (?), but is it worth losing the gift of walking?”


9. Waiting for the guy to make the first move.

“Wait for the guy to make the first move. You’re a human. Odds are you’re for gender equality. You aren’t a special gift from God to be dangled in front of drooling men like the Holy Grail. You like someone? Do something.

Note: Before I get mega-trolled I am fully aware that in the history of our species some women have made the first move. It’s just so absurdly rare that I feel comfortable generalizing that it’s basically always up to the man.”


10. Taking years to put on makeup.

“I’m surprised no one has said anything about how long it takes to put on makeup. As a guy who has worn makeup. I get it, takes forever to get right, take your time. Maybe just start a little earlier so no-one is late.”


11. Spending hundreds on an outfit and only wearing it once.

“Spend hundreds on an outfit, wear it once, keep it, KEEP IT but never wear it again. Madness.”


12. ‘Girls only’ meetings where they only talk about sex.

“I never understood why women in ‘only girls’ meetings solely talk about sex. The level of detail in those conversations is ridiculous. I would be really uncomfortable talking to other males in the same terms, it’s just too personal.”


13. Tons of unnecessary details in their stories.

“Detail…why so much unnecessary detail in your stories?”


14. The need for constant social-media validation.

“The need for relationship validation through social media presence.”


15. Putting all of their shit in the bathroom sink.

“Putting all of your shit in the bathroom sink. I’m talkin’ blow dryer, straightener, makeup bag—fucking everything. There is counter space for just that reason.”


16. ‘Testing’ us.

“Making ‘tests’ with you. Like ‘I lied, I just wanted to test you’. Ended a relation for me in a second, I’m not 14 anymore I don’t need all this bullshit (there was more, but really those ‘tests’…no, fuck off)”


17. Acting like their boyfriends are dogs that need training.

“Why, without fail, do you talk about your SO like he’s some kind of dog? He isn’t trained yet, but I’m working on it. He’s housebroken. Etc.”


18. Torturing themselves with uncomfortable shoes.

“Spend all day in uncomfortable shoes, complain about it once you get home, then repeat the process the next day.

I mean, of all the things that you can do to make yourself look/feel better, are shoes really that important?

I’m fairly certain I’ve never looked at a woman’s shoes (boots are another story) and been like, wow those really do it for me. Also never heard another guy ever compliment a girls shoes, ever.”


19. Saying nothing’s wrong when something obviously is wrong.


It’s fine.”


20. Endless texting instead of one short phone call.

“Why they can’t just phone each other? My wife will go through any lengths of sending text messages back and forth with other people.

She’ll be typing for hours back and forth when the whole thing could have been done with a simple 30 second phone call.”


21. Fifteen bottles of stuff just to take a shower.

“Do you really need 15 bottles of stuff when you take a shower?

Besides shampoo and shower gel, I have ZERO IDEA what the rest of the stuff is.

Also, how on Earth do you shower for 30+ minutes”


22. Putting other women down just to feel good about themselves.

“Putting other people (usually other women) down to prop up their own egos. I work in an office full of women and it’s so strange hearing how nice they are to each other (like sickeningly nice, calling each other sweety and lovely) and yet behind each others backs they seem to really hate each other by how they go on.”


23. Duck face and the dog filter.

“Duck face and the dog filter.”


24. Slut-shaming other women.

“Judging and calling other women sluts while at the same time worrying about being called a slut by other women. Men don’t do that to each other and in fact give high fives to women equivalent of “sluts”, which empowers us to act freely based on what we want, not based on the fear of being judged. And if women stop judging other women’s sexual inclinations, they can stop playing stupid games like waiting X amount of dates before fucking, keeping shit secret, etc. Sure, men need to stop calling women sluts too, but if women stops doing it to themselves, being called a slut by the opposite sex will just bounce right off.”


25. Using a ‘baby’ voice to get a favor from men.

“When these big girls talk like they’re 7 when they want something. Especially when it’s something as trivial as picking up a pen. And then when you ask why they do it they change their voice and get defensive.”


26. Spending four hours just getting ready to go to Walmart.

“Why does she spend a literal 4 hours getting ready to go to fucking Walmart? It’s Walmart nobody gives a shit what outfit you’re wearing.”


27. Getting lip injections.

“Get lip injections. Looks terrible.”


28. Saying one thing and meaning another.

“Say one thing and then get pissed when you didn’t figure out she actually meant the opposite.”


29. Holding grudges into eternity.

“Holding onto arguments or actions from the past and dragging them up for every argument.”

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