25 Women On The Stupid Little Things Men Do That Drive Them Crazy

Illustration by Daniella Urdinlaiz Illustration by Daniella Urdinlaiz
Illustration by Daniella Urdinlaiz
Found on AskReddit.

1. Taking a half-hour to poo.

“Take 30 mins + pooing, I can do that in 30 seconds or less.”


2. Using chairs as clothes hangers.

“Every chair is a clothes hanger.”


3. Leaving your goddamn socks all over the house.

“Leave your goddamn socks all over the house.”


4. Refusing all help.

“Why do you INSIST that you MUST do things by yourself? I mean, most times it makes you seem cool, but some men just absolutely will not let anyone give them things/help them with something difficult. what’s the harm in receiving help in life? How come you won’t let anyone pitch in?”


5. Spitting in public.

“Spit in public. Unless you’re chewing tobacco (and ew) why do you physically have to spit so much (both frequency, and quantity)?”


6. Wrestling each other until someone gets hurt.

“Always trying to wrestle their friends and damn near hurt themselves trying to win. Everything is a competition.”


7. Slapping each others’ asses in sports.

“Why do you slap each others’ asses while playing sports?”


8. Whining about their man colds.

“The ‘man cold.’ We both get the same cold at the same time, and somehow his is exponentially worse (this I know based on how much he complains about it). We joke about it mostly, but it’s still baffling.”


9. Dick pics.

“Send you unsolicited pictures of their dick.”


10. Telling women to smile.

“Telling women, often complete strangers, to smile. And, when told that we don’t like it many men will continue to do it, insist that they are being nice and we are wrong about how it bothers us. It’s not nice to do something to someone else when they’ve told you they don’t like it simply because you think they should like it. What the fuck.”


11. Being afraid to do non-masculine things.

“Not doing things because it’s not masculine or it makes them ‘gay.’

Moisturizing your face and cleaning the dirt from your nails doesn’t make you gay please just fucking do it and stop being so insecure about your masculinity.”


12. Insisting on doing things by themselves.

“Why do you INSIST that you MUST do things by yourself? I mean, most times it makes you seem cool, but some men just absolutely will not let anyone give them things/help them with something difficult. what’s the harm in receiving help in life? How come you won’t let anyone pitch in?”


13. Calling women sluts if they won’t sleep with them.

“Obviously, not all men do this but calling women sluts or whores when they don’t want to date or have sex with you. Like wtf lol, how does anyone think like that? parents must be real proud of their entitled, dumbass son.”


14. Not taking things like catcalling seriously.

“Not take women seriously when we talk about things like catcalling. ‘But I’d love it if strangers complimented me.’ Okay but we don’t and we’re telling you why (because it’s shitty and draining to be looked at as a visual object rather than a whole person.) Or even better ‘I’ve never known anyone to harass women.’ You’re just not noticing it. If it were really not a thing that happens, women wouldn’t keep talking about it.

Double extra bonus points if your perspective only changes when you fall in love or have a daughter.”


15. Over-chivalrousness.

“They insist on doing things for you even if you say that you can handle it.”


16. Hocking loogies.

“Hocking loogies. It’s fucking gross.”


17. Obsessing over women’s orgasms.

“Obsess over a woman’s orgasm. It’s the biggest mood-killer in the bedroom when someone keeps asking if you’ve cum or how they can make you cum.

I get it, it’s nice when the other person’s climaxed but sometimes sex without orgasms is just as nice. I usually can’t orgasm with the guy on top but sometimes (especially after a dry spell), I miss having a dude on top. It’s just nice and I won’t get anywhere but it’s still nice. It’s a mental thing; I have premonitions about my future orgasms and sometimes, the forecast says it ain’t gonna happen tonight.

If it’s not going anywhere and she wants it to go somewhere, she’d tell you. Else, it’s her fault, not yours. However, if you keep asking, she’s going to lie because she feels bad and doesn’t know what to do.”


18. Being obsessed with toys well into adulthood.

“Always go to the toy aisle when we go to the store. I don’t know if this is a thing with ALL men or just the ones I’ve dated. My fiance is almost 25 and I’m almost 24, we have no kids, but every time we go into a Target or Walmart or Meijer he makes a beeline to the toy aisle and plays with the laser guns and light sabers for about 20 minutes until I practically have to physically drag him away.

To men: Why. Do. You. Do. This. If it were only him I could brush it off as a weird quirk but it’s literally every dude I’ve dated or been close friends with. I can’t think of an exception. The only reason you should be in that aisle over the age of 18 is if you have a kid or kids and you’re looking at stuff to buy for them! I just don’t see how they could be inherently interesting to an adult or why you would want to waste time looking at them. I’m not trying to be mean—I really just want to understand.”


19. Refusing to admit when they’ve lost.

“Won’t admit that that they’re lost.”


20. Doing the ‘Al Bundy’ while watching TV.

“Men have this weird habit of resting their hand down the inside of their pants when they are at their home, generally on their favorite seat in front of a TV. What are you doing?! Trying to masturbate in public? Protect your nuts?”


21. Calling other girls hot while talking to girls.

“Talk about how attractive other girls are in front of girls.”


22. Offering advice when I just want to vent.

“Offering advice when I want to complain. I know there’s a fundamental difference between men and women in that men are looking for a solution when they complain and women just want to vent, but no matter how many times I tell me SO I’m not looking for advice I still receive it.”


23. Acting rude after being rejected.

“Acting rude after being rejected, telling me they go to the gym like I care, throwing sexist jokes and cringeworthy sexual innuendos.. you’re not 12 anymore.”


24. ‘Adjusting’ their junk in public.

“Touch their junk to ‘adjust’ it. WHY WHY WHY for the love of God do they have to do that in public? What goes on in their pants??”


25. Referring to ‘the wife’ like she’s property.

“When straight guys say ‘the wife’ like she’s some sort of property or when straight guys as good like marriage is the end of their life and act like they’re being forced to be married. Yeah it’s sooooooo hard being able to marry whenever you want to the love of your life :”””((((((((((”

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