43 Traits That Can Make Even The Most Attractive Person Ugly

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1. Self-pity.

“Self-pity. Too much of it.”


2. Being a drama queen who hates ‘drama.’

“The people who ‘hate drama’ yet they are always in the thick of it. I cut them out of my life real fast.”


3. Freeloading.

“Coasting through life on someone else’s work/dollar.”


4. Blabbermouths.

“People who won’t shut the fuck up.”


5. Gossiping.

“Gossip. Girls who only find themselves able to talk shit about other people drive me crazy. I really don’t give a shit about what Becky did to Jennifer. Please stay out of other people’s shit.”


6. Negativity.

“Negativity and cynicism about everything. I know a couple of people who just refuse to enjoy their lives, and I do my best to avoid them.”


7. Pouting.

“The ‘you should know why I’m mad’/‘I’m fine’ attitude followed by pouting. I luckily haven’t had to deal with it yet in a relationship and I don’t plan to put up with it in the future.”


8. Acting dumb.

“Girls acting dumb or pretending they’re dumb to ‘seem cute.’ Grow up.”


9. Never taking the blame.

“People who think all the problems in their lives were caused by someone else.”


10. Being basic.

“I feel guilty for saying it, but the basic bitch persona.

Mac ‘n’ cheese worship, pizza idolization, Han Solo season. All of those scream, ‘I never developed a personal identity.’”


11. Bragging about being an asshole or a bitch.

“Anyone who flaunts being an asshole/bitch. Why do so many people find this attractive? And then they say ‘You just can’t handle my honesty!’ Okay, yeah, that’s it.”


12. Humblebragging.

“Humblebraggers. You know, ‘I’m so broke after my fabulous European vacation!’ ‘Guys are always telling me how hot I am-I hate it!’”


13. Laziness.

“No drive to better themselves. No motivation to do more than they already are. I’ve met way too many people like that and its 0% attractive. You can be accepting and loving of yourself, and still strive to improve yourself.”


14. Marilyn Monroe quotes.

“‘If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you don’t deserve me at my best.’ No thanks.”


15. Mistaking kindness for weakness.

“Oh wow, you’re a genuinely nice person. Let’s see what ways I can take advantage of your kind nature.”


16. Complaining.

“People who only ever contact you to complain. I’m sorry your life is crappy, and I do want to be there for you, but hell. I’m not your friend if you only ever talk to me to bitch, I’m a therapist who isn’t getting paid.”


17. Lying.

“Lie, lie lie. Your lips are movin’ so you lie lie lie lie. Hate lying. I have two people in my life who are liars. One lies to avoid responsibility or blame and one lies to pump up her stories and make herself look good. Used to call them on their shit, but that’s exhausting! Now I just change the subject.”


18. Neediness.

“Neediness. I like independence in a woman. So there is nothing that annoys me more than a woman who constantly makes me stop what I’m doing to pay attention to her.

A little is fine. but when it’s all day, every day, 24/7 you literally can’t let me piss without wanting to come to the bathroom with me, that is a bit to much for me.”


19. Cheapness.

“Stinginess. Bad tipping. Possessive with belongings. Hanging on to a bunch of garbage.”


20. Indecisiveness.

Where do you wanna eat?
‘Doesn’t matter to me.’
Cool. Chick-fil-a good, then?
‘Eww… Their breading is weird.’
Ok. How about Taco Bell?
‘No way, I’ll be shitting myself all night!’
Burger King?
‘I’m really not in the mood for fast food.’
Oh, ok. Red Robin?
‘No, that’s burgers. That’s too much like fast food.’
That sushi place you love?
‘Ugh, I just ate there last week.’
‘I’ll just be hungry an hour later.’
Texas Roadhouse?
‘The only thing I like there is the steak, and I’m trying to stay away from red meat.’
Ok, so where do you want to eat?
‘Anywhere’s fine. You decide.’”


21. Pretending you know something when you don’t.

“Not wanting to admit when they don’t know something. ‘I don’t know’ isn’t that hard to say, and not knowing something doesn’t mean you’re automatically stupid. But pretending to know something when you don’t does tell me that you’re an egotistical idiot.”


22. Making fun of the less fortunate.

“I don’t know what to call it but I will give an example. There was a man in my college language class who was in his 50s. He struggled to catch up with the rest of the class but he was persistent. And there was this girl in class who would constantly make fun of this man among her friends for being slow and old. Whatever quality she has, I find that extremely unattractive in a person.”


23. Always talking about themselves, never asking about you.

“Telling me every meticulous detail about their day, which i find interesting and I’m happy to discuss, but then NEVER asking me about my day or holding any interest in my stories when I tell them. It just kinda hurts sometimes. Like, I have an interesting life, too. Please ask about it so I feel included.”


24. Seeking validation.

“Asking for advice when they’re really looking for validation.

‘Hey do you think this is a good idea?’

‘No, probably not.’



25. When they try to make you jealous just to get more attention.

“When they try to make you jealous just to get more attention.”


26. Being impatient.

“Lack of patience. Getting angry after something frustrates them just a little bit. The attitude of quick anger is annoying and at times overwhelming.”


27. Constantly making excuses.

“Making excuses, or, they are never in the wrong.

I own up to my mistakes, I make sure to apologize if I am in the wrong. People who go through life and always have an excuse for the shit that happens to them, or that they do. I can not stand them.

You have not gotten fired from 7 jobs in 5 months because all the managers were shit and jealous of you Becky. You got fired because you’re a shit worker.

You are late for every event All the time? Do not come up with a new excuse every time. It wasn’t because your dog was sick, you got stuck behind a slow truck, there was traffic. Yes that stuff happens, it doesn’t happen EVERY SINGLE DAY. You are late because you don’t care about being here in time. You don’t plan accordingly.

You don’t know why your boyfriend left you. Hmmm can’t possibly be because you cheated on him? Oh you didn’t cheat on him? I could have sworn I saw you making out with a guy that wasn’t him. You don’t know what I’m talking about?? Yeah, all right.

I do not hang out with people like this. I currently work with a man like this. He keeps inviting my husband and I to hang out, and I say no every time. People like this are toxic.”


28. Not being curious.

“The simple and tragic lack of interest in learning and experiencing new things.”


29. Not being able to tell the difference between honesty and rudeness.

“People that make it a point of pride to tell you that ‘they’ll tell you EXACTLY how they’re feeling’ or that they are ‘as blunt as it comes.’ These people often confuse truthfulness/honesty with downright rudeness. Also in the same vein, people that never fail to offer their unsolicited opinion in every single situation.”


30. Complaining about being broke, then going on spending sprees.

“‘Oh my gosh I have no money’

Spends $300 on jewelry and shit



“PLAYING. WITH YOUR GODDAMN. PHONE. WHILE I’M TALKING TO YOU. Put that thing away, my eyes are up here.”


32. Being rude to waiters.

“Mistreating people in the service industry. When you’re being a total asshole to a waiter, or cashier, or fast food employee, it does not make the object of your affection think, ‘Wow, he/she is clearly superior to them.’ I don’t care if you’re rich, or smart, or privileged. If you treat other human beings as peasants who are beneath you, I just find that so incredibly ugly.”


33. Flakiness.

“Flakiness. At this point if you flake once without giving a 24-hours notice, and I’ve known you for less than a month, I’ll probably not talk to you again. It’s incredibly disrespectful to my time, especially if my plans revolved around you. I understand if shit happens and we have to reschedule, but I literally have had instances where women have canceled 15 minutes before for some BS reason.”


34. Saying how ugly they are when they know they are good-looking.

“Saying how ugly they are when they know they are good-looking. I see it so often and shit makes me mad every time.”


35. People who believe their mood justifies their actions.

“People who believe their mood justifies their actions. I don’t give a damn that you’re hungry, if you bite my head off over an innocuous statement, then you’re an asshole.”


36. Addiction.

“I hate the obsession with alcohol or drugs. I understand having a good time and a beer or two but when you drink for the sole purpose of getting shit faced or constantly brag about smoking weed it’s just a sign to me that you’re too boring to hang out with if there aren’t drugs or alcohol. I’m 22 and unfortunately this describes too many people I meet.”


37. Selfie, selfie, selfie.

“When people take a lot of selfies and/or post them on social media. To me it’s either a sign of self-absorption or low self-esteem/being desperate for public approval, both of which are a huge turnoff.”


38. Being hyper-competitive.

“Amongst guys, especially young guys there’s always this need to be competitive or show off. This manifests itself in many ways. You see it in packs of loud frat dudes in social settings or even guys trying to collaborate on something as trivial as say lighting a fire when you’re all camping. They lecture each other over top of one another, act informed or be bossy, grouted with typical insults. This behavior is always amplified when women are around and it’s probably especially there as a young dude because of women.

Throwing your friends under the bus as you compete for women is lame. Competitive behavior is also exhausting, it irritates me to witness or be around.

I am the oldest of five boys. I grew up with that shit my whole life and pick up on it like it’s instinct now. I’m not a fan, it’s annoying to see or be dragged into.”


39. Vocal fry.

“That Valley Girl, vocal fry voice that so many girls seem to have. Drives me crazy.”


40. Making every statement sound like it’s a question.

“Speaking every sentence with rising inflection as if it is a question.”


41. Entitlement.

“Entitlement. I know too many women who think they are entitled to things from men, particularly their partners. Usually money, freebies or attention. You can even take it to the level of just women who feel entitled to be treated differently like a special little snowflake, different to guys, because they have two X chromosomes.”


42. Pessimism.

“People who expel negative and pessimistic energy in almost every regard. I’m the type of person who loves to get excited about things, like a new movie or a game, and I want to share that excitement with people. When they routinely react by pointing everything wrong and bad about any given thing, it leaves me with a sour impression. Even when they’re right, I can’t help but think, what’s wrong with enjoying something in spite of its flaws?”pheaster

43. Alcoholism.

“Try dating in your 30s and finding a girl that doesn’t have a drinking problem.”

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