36 People Describe The Pros And Cons Of Being Single

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Pro: freedom.
Con: no sex.



Pro: You can do what you want, when you want to.
Con: You’ve got nobody to do those things with.



Pro: peace and quiet whenever you want.
Con: peace and quiet when you don’t want.



Pro: the nights out.
Con: the nights in.



Pro: You’ve got a lot of time to spend.
Con: You’ve got too much time to spend.



Pro: you get to lay around naked and by and each what you want, shower when you want, and cry when you want.
Con: You lay around naked, dirty and constantly crying.



Pro: Have whatever you want for dinner, complete freedom, disposable income, have your own schedule.
Con: The empty feeling in your chest that makes you slowly die inside.



Pro: Nobody there to nag me constantly.
Con: Nobody there to support me, either.



Pro: Freedom, any girl, anytime, money saving.
Con: No love.



Pro: I can do what I want, wearing what I want.
Con: No one around to tell me which ideas of mine are actually really dumb.



Pro: No one gives a fuck what you do.
Con: No one gives a fuck what you do.



Pro: You make enough money to live.
Con: You want to die.



Pro: you don’t have to check in/on someone.
Con: no one to call when that funny thing at work happens.



Pro: No one will miss you when you hang yourself.
Con: There’s no one to go 50/50 with on the rope.



Pro: No one around to make you be responsible.
Con: No one around to make you be responsible.



Pro: all the porn you can masturbate to.
Con: the self-loathing and thoughts of suicide.



Pro: You have a lot of time to sit and think about things.
Con: You have a lot of time to sit and think about things.



Pro: You get to do what you want and when you want. You save money on dates. Nobody bothers you when you want to be left alone. You don’t have to deal with anyone else’s problems.
Con: If you need human touch, there is none. If you want sex, you have to pay for it or establish a FWB relationship. Extended loneliness could lead to a decline in mental health.



Pro: Freedom, get to make unilateral decisions, get to do what you want when you want, lots of casual sex.
Con: I’m so freaking lonely.



Pro: only have to depend on one person’s schedule.
Con: nobody to do stuff with.



Pro: More toilet paper.
Con: Less tissues.



• Learning how to love yourself
• Meeting new people without having to worry about making someone else jealous
• Not waiting for someone else to continue watching a show, you can binge watch anything without having to wait on another person
• Gaining independence
• Spending time doing whatever you want without worry about the feelings of anyone but yourself.

Sometimes you just really want a sidekick to be productive with. Someone to do chores/errands with you and lighten the mood. Sometimes you want somebody to talk with about the newest celebrity gossip or random happening in your personal life. Sometimes it’s nice to have someone who won’t judge you about those things that you want to share, but feel like your social media audience doesn’t need to know. Those things come with relationships, and it’s something special that isn’t easily replicated with anyone else.



Pro: Not having to answer to anyone about personal decisions.
Con: My family won’t shut up about me being single.



Pro: Nobody can whine at you about your weird habits.
Con: I miss cuddling.



Pro: You have all the time to yourself to devote your interest/hobby/passion in. Time to self-develop or to do things without caring what your partner will think. You have more money saved up to be able to enjoy activities or pick up things on the side. You have the freedom to meet and socialize with others at your own time. All choices and impacts made are the result of your own life and not taking the other’s mental/well-being in mind. You are free to choose any path you so desire.

Con: Once you’ve experienced what it’s like being in a relationship, it forever changes your brain pattern and when you stop being in one, that is when you learn what true loneliness is. The sudden feeling that life alone is not as great anymore. That is why you hear about how many people quickly find others as a rebound so they can keep their dopamine and serotonin high because those are the neurotransmitters that are involved when one is in a relationship and enjoy another’s company. Or when people end up taking drugs because some drugs can mimic the neurotransmitters of being in a relationship. (Look up fMRI studies involving love vs. recreational drugs, and you will see that similar parts of the brain metabolize with either one). In terms of loneliness, it’s a very severe thing that leads to degradation of mental health and that is why many individuals end up picking up hobbies to try to replace or repress that pathology.



Pro: You can do whatever you want, whenever you want. Want to go shopping for 2 hours? Why not? Too lazy to eat out/cook a proper meal for yourself? Just grab that can of soup and heat it up.
Con: No one to nerd out on things together like art exhibits and museums (these are things you can also do with friends, but sometimes it’s more fun with an SO).



Pro: Emotional independence. Your happiness is only reliant on yourself, not how someone else’s happiness or unhappiness is related to your own. Someone once told me being in a relationship brings your worst insecurities to the surface because someone else will know them and have to be ok with them if they’re willing to commit to being in a relationship. They could wake up any day and decide it’s not worth it and totally fuck your emotions.
Con: you have to have self-confidence in order to be emotionally independent. It can be really lonely, especially if you need others to validate you and you go through a dry spell or don’t have a good support system with friends and family.



Pro: Follow your dreams, personal growth, more relaxing alone time when you want it, live your life as you want to, optional leg and underarm shaving (ladies only, I suppose), anyone attractive you meet who is available can be a potential date, more time with friends, more time for hobbies, watching fewer movies and series that you really don’t like, fewer dishes to deal with and less food to buy (and only the stuff you like), that kind of explosively awesome sex you have with someone you are crazy about but don’t know that well, pre-date butterflies.
Con: Judgement from society, coupled friends tend to only want to socialize in couples, if your best friends are all in couples their partners will become their first ports-of-call for their personal lives and you’ll be left out and they won’t be that available for you when you need them, worrying about being ‘alone forever,’ no access to sex with someone who knows you in that way, no automatic plans for evenings and weekends, no real emergency contact.



Pro: You can come and go as you please, without having to compare schedules and appointments.
Con: Sure is great to have that special someone in your life to share everything with—bad and good.



Pro: you have a lot more spare time (I don’t play video games as much as I did before I got a gf).
Con: being with someone you love is amazingly fun and exciting.



• No one gets on my case about playing video games naked.
• I have a low monthly expense report.
• I can devote more time to my own passions and pursuits.

• Lack of companionship.
• No access to human touch. I’ve never even been on a date :(
• My bedroom is fucking disgusting because no one gets on me about cleaning it.



Pro: more free time, money and freedom of decision.
Con: a creeping feeling of loneliness that is the strongest when there’s nobody around with whom you could talk about it.



Pro: You get to do what you want, when you want. No bickering or being dragged to stuff you have no interest in. No faffing around having to look “presentable” at all times. Being able to do what you want without someone constantly checking up on you. Not having to give up your phone for it to be searched. Sleep diagonally in a bed.
Con: It’s awkward to go to a restaurant alone.



Pro: can literally starfish myself across the bed and not annoy anyone.
Con: having someone in the same bed is like having a heated blanket, lovely and cozy.



Pro: You can do whatever you want, whenever you want and never have to consult with anyone else’s needs or schedule. It allows you to have complete control over yourself.
Con: There are points where it can get extremely lonely. I remember there was one point when I was single where I looked forward to going to my barber because she would massage my head and face after my haircut and shave. It was the only physical intimate human interaction I ever had after my long term relationship ended. Sometimes, you completely don’t realize how much you need that until it is gone.



Pro: You can be as hoboish as you like without anyone really appreciating how bad it is. Plus, the bathroom is always free.
Con: Winter is colder without a human water bottle and for a girl, having to bring my own jacket is such a pain.

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