14 Bisexual Women Answer: “Which Is Better — Penises Or Vaginas?”



“I prefer women because they’re softer and prettier and smell better, but every once in a while I like to sit on a big fat cock and ride it like a coin-operated kiddie ride. So vaginas are better, but penises break the monotony.”
—Jennifer, 23


“Penises, absolutely. My girl crushes usually involve lots of kissing and hugging and sleeping together more than they involve sex. But at the end of the day, I’ll take the D over the V. Not that I should have to choose, but you asked!”
—Jessica, 19


“God, it depends on what mood I’m in, I guess. When I’m ovulating, I want to be penetrated, preferably with a live penis rather than an inanimate object. But when I’m on my period, I’d rather stay home in sweatpants and cuddle with my girlfriend.”
—Ashley, 24


“It’s more a matter of the penis or vagina in question. I’ll take a great dick over a sloppy pussy any day. On the other hand, if the choice is between a guy with a small, hairy dick and a girl who has a puss that’s like a fine plate of caviar, I’ll be eating at the caviar table, thank you very much.”
—Amanda, 27


“I like girls for affection and men for sex. Men are extremely bad and clumsy at showing affection. So I’m more romantically attracted to girls and more physically attracted to men. To tell you the truth, my own vagina kind of repels me, and I sort of feel the same about most vaginas. Not all—most. Every once in a while you’ll find a vagina-diamond in the rough, lol.”
—Rachel, 32


“Oh, c’mon now—penises and vaginas complement one another like peanut butter and jelly. As long as I’m the bread, you can spread ’em both on me!”
—Stephanie, 20


“When I was younger, I was all about the dick—until I had my first lesbian experience one night while drunk. It’s like the difference between sleeping on an Army cot and sleeping on a bed made of duck feathers and flower petals. So definitely vaginas. Dicks are OK, just not as good.”
—Nicole, 20


“Why do I have to choose? Can’t I have them both, even at the same time? I guess if you put a gun to my head, I’d rather be with men. There’s something about walking around town filled up to the brim with a man’s cum that makes me feel like a wild, happy animal.”
—Melissa, 27


“My first five or six sexual experiences with girls, and I don’t have a bad memory about any of them. But in my late teens this football player guy swept me off my feet and showed me how it’s done. I liked his dick so much, I wished I could carry it around in my purse. So to answer your question: 1) Penises; 2) Vaginas. Sorry, girls!
—Heather, 22


“Vaginas, vaginas, vaginas, vaginas, vaginas, vaginas, vaginas, and then maybe the occasional penis if I’m drunk enough.”
—Elizabeth, 24


“I definitely prefer being penetrated to being “scissored” by a girl. But when it comes to oral, there’s no question—sign me up for #TeamVagina. I can’t even think of having a dick in my mouth without gagging just a little bit. Eww!”
—Megan, 18


“OK, I flipped a coin. It says I like giving head more than I like licking tails. So that’s my final answer, Your Honor!”
—Amy, 22


“Oh, wow. Funny, but I never really thought about it. Sometimes I’ll go to McDonald’s and order a Big Mac, while other times I’ll get the fish sandwich. It all hinges on the mood I’m in. So there’s no general answer to your question. I could go either way depending on how I’m feeling.”
—Michelle, 20


“Penises are better if I want to make a baby. Vaginas are better for laying my head on late at night and whispering sweet nothings to. Or better yet, you’ve made me want to try a threesome with a boy and a girl to see what the real answer is. I’ll let you know when it happens!”
—Amber, 28
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