15 People Describe The Most Awkward Thing That Was Ever Said To Them During Sex

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keko64 / (Shutterstock.com)

1. Michael, 34

“Are you enjoying yourself?”

Um, no—not anymore. I actually dismounted. It was like something a schoolteacher would ask me.

2. Ashley, 22

“When is a good time to tell you I’m really emotionally unavailable?” He literally said that.

3. Christopher, 24

It’s something I said to a girl instead. One time I was dating this girl who was really sweet, but her skin smelled so weird. She said something sexy and I said, “I’m sorry I can’t do this because you skin smells like Ajax.” Shockingly enough, we broke up soon after.

4 Jessica, 23

I have plenty:

“You like that, little girl?” The guy had told me on the date his favorite book was Lolita. Should have known it was a red flag.

“Yeah! Take that, you whore!!” Hadn’t previously discussed being called a whore so it was surprising/a mood-killer.

“Wow”—repeated every 20 seconds. Expand your vocabulary, thanks.

“Your skin is so milky.” Uhm…

“You’re so hot. You’re so hot. Wow. Wow. Great body. Wow.” Repeated 5 times during 15 minutes.

“Is my dick really small?” If you have to ask, then yes.

5. Amanda, 21

“You remind me a lot of my ex sometimes.” He then tried to save it by saying that I was much better than her. Also we were just spooning/kissing, but it feels close enough.

6. Sarah, 20

This happens too often, but when people say: “Did you…you know………did you?”

Honey, for both our sakes, let’s hope you’d know. 

7. Brittany, 22

“Nice boobs. they won’t be a liability when you get older.” 

8. Emily, 23

When he asked me, “Is it in?”

9. Matt, 29

“Is that all you got?” Worse than that was the girl who puked on my dick during a blowjob and then tried to finish.

10. Josh, 27

“One minute, I have to wash my hands.” Said three times during sex. She was cuckoo.

11. Andrew, 26

“I have father issues.” Probably the best fuck ever!

12. Daniel, 31

“Make blood come.” Not to get too detailed, but she’d scornfully broken a wine glass given to me by the girl I was cheating on. She told me to cut her with it. I declined.

13. Ty, 32

I’m so boring. Nothing noteworthy has been said to me during sex. I tried to say something sexy once in years ago, and it made ME laugh. I think it was something over-the top like “you’re so hot.” I’m a regular Barry White.

14. Stephanie, 30

There was this guy who, while we were in the middle of doing it, felt the need to tell me had performed a karaoke song by the band Tool the night before. I stopped and told him my mom was coming over.

15. David, 31

“By the way, I’m HIV-positive.” She didn’t say it during sex, but as we were cuddling right after the first time we had sex. Then she told me she was only joking. Funny girl, that one.
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