25 People On The Sexiest “Nonsexual” Thing A Person Can Do

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Smell amazing.

Not even just cologne. Did you know beard oil is a thing? It smells unbelievably good.


I find men who are very masculine but briefly do something very feminine with their mouth, hands, or hips make my panties go full Niagara.


Laugh hard.

I’m always put off by women that feel they need to contain themselves. Your sense of humor is a huge part of who you are; don’t hide it.


When a guy rolls up his sleeves…something about the forearm.


Show insight, intelligence or wit.


Wear glasses and be a smart-ass jokester. Bonus points for doing both at the same time.


Smile and be polite to you even if they don’t know you.


We have this super-hot redhead at my work. But what makes her so attractive is that she is very nice to everyone regardless of what they look like or if they are above or below her as far as status.

That and she is funny…suuuuuper sexy when a girl is funny.


Voice is huge. It can be an instant turn on or turnoff.

Smile. Nothing is more attractive on a woman than a smile.


Little random acts of kindness that they don’t expect other people to notice.

Like helping others pick things up, smiling, or making silly faces at little kids as they pass, offering little words of encouragement to others. There’s so many.

It gets me every time.


Be decisive.

My ex would never take charge or make a decision then afterwards would bitch, my current girlfriend often doesn’t even ask for my input before making a decision and I think it’s incredibly sexy.

To clarify, she usually only decides simple things without my input. Like where to eat, what movie to see, what to do on date nights, things like that.


Black rim glasses. I know girls that wear them and they lose attractiveness as soon as they take them off.


Having hair partially covering one of their eyes.


Wink and smile when you’re busy and they walk past.


When a girl pulls the hair out from her eyes and tucks it behind her ear.


Wearing a dark suit and tie.

Protip: Suits do for straight women what skimpy lingerie does for straight men.


When a girl looks back to take off her shoes on the beach.


If she’s blonde and runs her hands through her hair in a slightly exasperated, I’m-tired-but-want-to-hide-it sort of way, I’m done. Like, in love 100% for like an hour. Probably means I’ll be too intimidated to talk to her, but yeah.


Raise their eyebrows a little, like surprised/bemused. IDK. It makes my chest crumple a little.


Throw their head back as they’re laughing really hard. When girls do it.


When a Spanish girl calls me papi.

My pants will get ripped.


Fuzzy, short, and blonde arm hair. I don’t know why, [but] when a girl has a little arm hair it kind of turns me on.


Being unashamed to be vulnerable. That is hot.


Guys who climb. Shirtless.


The classic “once over” with a lip-bite at the end.

Example: http://i.imgur.com/usKGU8J.gif Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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