Tell People That You Love Them

Tell People That You Love Them

We do not love enough.

We are all guilty of not loving enough, not giving enough, not sharing enough. The messages we forget to send, the letters we never write, the people we don’t dedicate time for. There is so much time in the world to care, to love, to share. But we withhold. We pretend. We lock away our hearts. What are we so afraid of?

Are we worried that if we love too fiercely, we will be rejected? Have we convinced ourselves that opening our souls isn’t in style anymore? Are we worried there may be no love left? Why do we grasp people when we need them and dispose of them when they are no longer of use to us? What is it that we are so scared of?

Instead of taking the risk, taking the leap, we default to ignoring messages. We refuse to call back. We cowardly ghost others.

But you, you don’t have to be like this. Be the one who loves too much and cares so deeply, it’s overwhelming. What is a life without feeling too much, caring too much, hoping too much? Is that even a life at all?

When the world is bleak and falling apart at its core, don’t you fall as well. Its endless pit of harshness is no place for you. It’s simple to collapse into the cold blanket of the world, to smother yourself in its darkness. It’s safe. It’s lifeless.

Be that symbol of love for others. Even if you haven’t heard from them in a while. Even if they don’t respond to your texts or your calls or your emails or your letters. When you’re so certain they have crossed you out of their lives, don’t you cross them out of yours.

Boldly scream love into the world. Send letters. Send texts. Call too many times. Message too often. Don’t let others forget they are cared for, loved for, needed. If they turn your love away, let them. Forgive them. You did your part. You shared your love. That’s all you can ever do.

All we have is one another. No amount of money or fame or material items can replace the connections between us. You can create hope and stability and a world where people value one another, even if it’s only you emitting positivity in the universe.

Do not withhold your love out of fear and regret and anger for not receiving it in return. Even if no one tells you they love you back, you did your job in loving deeply. The love you share will change the world. You may not see it now, or ever, but someone, somewhere, will never forget the way that you love them, even if only for a brief amount of time. That little spark of hope is the reason we exist – to love one another.

So tell people that you love them.

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