Peaked In High School

14 Signs You Peaked In High School


Your high-school friends are your only friends. You live to go back to home and try to recreate the glory days with your old high-school buds. Among them you are legendary. As for your college friends, you’re mainly the weird kid who cries in the library while High School Musical 3 quietly plays on a constant loop.


You attend more high-school events now than you ever did when you were actually a student there. Sure, attending the occasional high school football game is fun. But if you’re trying to sneak into homecoming and prom, then maybe you should reevaluate your life choices.


You find yourself replaying old YouTube videos of you in the fall play or from your varsity basketball game at 1AM and think to yourself, Damn, I was talented.


You refuse to take yourself out of the old Facebook groups. You’re the last remaining member of the Mr. Claud’s Junior English Class group but you just can’t let yourself leave—too many good memories.


Hearing your school’s fight song brings tears to your eyes. And it’s also the only song on your workout, sex, and party playlists.


Cafeteria food sounds appealing to you right now.


Your old teachers aren’t excited to see you anymore. If anything, they’re kind of annoyed that you’ve been back so often and keep distracting them from their work. They keep locking their classrooms hoping you’ll get the hint.


In high school you were up to date on all the latest drama. Now you can barely remember who you’re friends are let alone what’s going on with them.


Every first date ends with you retelling the story of how your high-school football team almost won the semi-playoff game your sophomore year. You weren’t on the team or anything, but it was still a pretty good game.


You actually miss the stress of the ACT.


You were practically a celebrity in high school. Freshmen gasped, star-struck when they spotted you outside of school. Now you’re lucky if a homeless man even glances in your direction.


You still wear your letterman jacket and class ring. But mainly just to important events such as funerals and dinner parties and bed and the shower.


You got away with everything in high school. You didn’t write any of those write-to-pass papers and still somehow got the A. Now you’ve come to the sad realization that if you try pulling that shit in the real world you don’t get away with it, you just get fired.


Your friend sent this to you because you obviously peaked in high school. Thought Catalog Logo Mark