15 Bachelor And Bachelorette Party Stories That Would Absolutely Ruin A Marriage

Larisa Birta

1. The Groom’s Father Caught On Video

Not a party but the rehearsal dinner. Groom’s father reaches out and grabs a hand full of bride to be’s ass, she turns around and he sticks his hand up her skirt and up her crotch.

She quickly jumps back, surprised and upset. Then she responds with… “Stop it. You are going to make me blush”

His son came over and both his dad and fiance acted as if nothing. How did we find out about this? We watched the video the photographer took of that night.


The wedding went on as planned. The couple made it past a year (not much) before calling it quits. There is no indication they saw the video. The guy and his dad have a great relationship so I am guessing, no they did not see the video OR they are just THAT weird. Like a lot of you, I too wonder why none of his/her friends who say the video spoke up. I put my money on the affair camp. I wold not be surprised in anything was going on between the guy’s father and the bride. That is what makes sense to me.


2. Bros Forever

The best man and groom having one last fuck in a strip club bathroom.


3. The Psycho Bride

I worked in a photo lab. Normally it was cats and houses in the pics.

But then a woman dropping off a few rolls of film was acting oddly. This is usually a clear sign that the pictures were going to be interesting.

It was a bachelorette party, normal stuff at first. The women were all fairly pretty.

Then a safari themed stripper was being featured.

The pictures show most of the women at the party blowing the stripper.

Then the stripper got the bride practically naked in a circle of them and dry humped her in several ways. Rubbing his junk all over her.

Then the pics were in a bedroom. The bride and another girl had sex with the stripper, my guess was they were alternating who was taking pictures.

The last photo was a cumshot on the ring. I always assumed it was the engagement ring.

It was troubling, to say the least.

No idea what happened, I didn’t develop the wedding photos.

This happened in the early 2000s. My trainer told me I wasn’t supposed to print pics that showed anything illegal. I also didn’t have to print any photos that I was uncomfortable printing. We had a little pre-made card to put in the order, in case of that, to explain the situation. I was in my early 20s at that point, so I never had use for that card.


4. Groom Meets Bride

In New Orleans, our bachelor group good found a bachelorette group and started talking/dancing etc.

It was late in the night at this time, and our bachelor was dancing with their bachelorette mostly at the urging of the bridesmaids because they thought it would be “cute.” Not too long into it, he gets belligerently handsy and heads a bit up the skirt.

I didn’t see the act but spun around when one of the bridesmaids hollered, “Your bachelor just fingered our bachelorette!”…we bounced immediately.


5. The Best Man Loses Everything

My bachelor party was a complete shitshow.

By poetic coincidence, my best man was going through a divorce while things were ramping up toward my wedding. When I arrived at his place for the party, I found him sitting on the living room floor. On the floor, because, you see, there wasn’t any furniture.

His wife had come while he was at work and cleaned out the house. Like, thoroughly cleaned it out. No furniture. No glasses in the kitchen. No curtains. She left his clothes, still folded, in the place where the dresser used to be. In the closet, his clothes were on the floor – she’d taken the hangers. The booze he’d stocked up for the party? All gone. Except for one empty bottle, left in the otherwise barren fridge. She took the mustard, even. Barren.

He sat on the floor, shell-shocked and stunned. Occasionally he’d answer a question in monotone grunts.

The other guys arrived, and some of them brought a couple six-packs of beer. We all sat on the floor in the living room, occasionally tossing bottle caps at an empty bottle in the center of the room. If it hit, it’d make a ‘ting!’ noise, and we’d all give a Monty Python ‘yaaaaay.’

At one point, one of us found a deck of cards in a pile of random stuff she’d decided she didn’t want and had thrown into a corner of the dining room. We threw cards at the target bottle for a while, until another friend made a discovery:

She’d taken all the Hearts, leaving only the spades, clubs, and diamonds.

Best man started weeping.

I’d managed to drink two beers, we’d told a few half-hearted stories and largely spent the night trying to convince the best man he was better off this way. Most of the guys left, and I stayed until the wee hours of the morning with a best man wailing ‘don’t do it, man, it isn’t worth it!’

Good times.


6. A last minute discovery

Went to a friend’s bachelor party as a DD. Everyone was very drunk. Groom decided to have sex with the best man in the middle of a public parking lot… this was when we realized he liked men. Needless to say, his now wife still doesn’t know he likes to have sex with men.


7. Brides That Hire Strippers Are A Certain Kind

I have a friend that is a male stripper. He tried to convince me that it’s a great way to make (quite a bit) side money on the weekends and he almost had me convinced until he told me this: Apparently, bachelorette parties almost always devolve into everyone getting piss drunk and getting waaaaay too handsy. He says he’s been propositioned for sex by the bride-to-be on many occasions. His theory is that the type of woman that will hire a couple male strippers is the type of woman that will fuck them and then walk down the aisle to her future husband the very next day. That’s also why he says he’ll NEVER get married. I want no part of that regardless of how good the money is.


8. The Virgin Christian Groom

My best friend got married a few months ago. He grew up conservative Christian, the type where they had purity rings and the whole thing. We’re only 20, so I think he was just sick of not being able to bone his girlfriend and that’s why they did it.

Anyway, they decided on a destination wedding and 10 of us went to the Caribbean for a few days to some all inclusive over spring break, on her dad’s dime. They got married on a Sunday, and we decided to do separate bachelor/bachelorette parties Friday. Basically, we’re all shitfaced when we lose the groom in some club. He was talking to a group of girls about our single buddies who they clearly wanted to fuck, and then nothing. No one can see him. Me and my Boyfriend were over the whole thing, honestly, and decide to be those assholes who leave early. We go outside and decide to find a cab. We’re walking a little from the bar to ask a cab that parked if it can take us back when my boyfriend starts laughing hysterically and says ‘jesus christ, I didn’t realize his dick was that tiny’ and I look over to find him getting a blowjob from the girl he was talking to in an alley. She was just going to town. I don’t think anyone but himself had touched his dick ever.

Why he decided to do this two days out from getting to fuck his wife I don’t know. But he did, we never told, and he got married.


9. An Old Friend

I attended an old college friend’s bachelor party, worst that happened that night was he got a lap dance. His fiancee knew about that, allegedly. Couple of weeks later I am out getting a few drinks with another group of friends. We have too many drinks and think it’s a great idea to go to this scummy dive bar (think the kind of place the Always Sunny gang would find homely). Lo and behold he was there in a shady booth, inspecting the tonsils of a vintage Walmart ham beast. He is clearly wasted and doesn’t see me, I get another drink, figuring I will get up the nerve to do something. Spoiler alert I do jack shit, he leaves with the girl after performing a digital cervical inspection of his prize for the evening. No idea what happened that night (he lived with his fiancee) but a couple of weeks later I get an email saying the wedding is off. Still friends with both of them on facebook, but yeah they are not together anymore.


10. Bridal Confessions

It’s not uncommon for the bridal party to get together in the bridal suite the night before and just spill everything – unknown hookups, regrets, secrets about her partner – so that she goes into her wedding with a perception of a cleared conscience and forgiveness. I have a few friends that I was never able to look at the same way again after hearing about how fucked up they were to the men who loved them.

I imagine similar things happen with the groomsmen, but I don’t want to know for sure.


11. If you didn’t have trust issues before, you will

I know of a couple that are together because the girl got pregnant. I also know who the father is (hint: not the person she married). The guy who was the father was there at her version of a bachelorette party. He was her ‘best friend’ so he threw her a private party (like 5 of us), I was there for the first little bit as a close friend, but things heated up so I got the hint and bounced.


12. Stripper Is Groom’s Ex

Cousin was having his bachelor’s party, but the guys got stuck with the kids so that the ladies could go crazy with their bachelorette party. So it was just pizza and Marvel movie marathon for the party.

Next day I get a message saying that there will be a “real” bachelor party tonight to make up for getting stuck babysitting kids. This turns into a typical drink fest, gambling, gf/wife ranting, etc. Cousins friend then announces that he hired a stripper just as the doorbell rang. Turns out the stripper was my cousin’s ex gf of 3 years.

So she starts doing her stripper routine, which was not that great imo (clearly not a professional) She spends most of the time dancing for my cousin which I could tell was a clear “bet you wish you kept me.” So she’s finally done with her “performance” and goes to leave but offers a more “private performance” for the groom. And since the groom had a few too many shots he agrees and both head to the bathroom. All the while all the guys are hooting them on.

4 years later I see his ex at the grocery store with a little girl that looked to be 3 or 4 years old. I just turn around to avoid her seeing me, head to the cashier, grabbed my stuff, and just ran. I never dare tell him since he and his wife are in a happy relationship and trying to have a child together.


13. A free spirit

The stripper got his dick sucked by the bride to be. Actually, aside from the bachelorette party, I’m surprised she hasn’t cheated on him. Her vagina’s a free spirit.


14. Human Pieces Of Shit

I have 2. One I was involved in and another my wife and sister were.

About 4 years ago my buddy was getting married and we went to a strip club and the bachelor got his ass beat by a couple strippers, one of whom came back to our already trashed hotel suite. There were about 10 guys involved and myself (married) and 2 other guys who wanted nothing to do with the shenanigans went into a room and locked the door.

I woke up about 10 minutes later after a loud crash down the stairs. Turns out one of the guys (married) talked the stripper into wrestling and she slapped him in the face so he tossed her down the stairs. She only made it down like 4 stairs before getting back up and then we saw her running back up the stairs at him. At this point, there were 5 guys upstairs with the stripper and she was wearing only her g-string.

The guy who tossed her was married to the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and the other 4 were single. They ended up all gangbanging (note gangbang, not gang rape. She was into this shit) her and fucked her up pretty bad. Myself, still pretty drunk, and another guy got the fuck out of there before anything got illegal or too crazy. Before we left we locked the groom in the room with the other guy we went in there with so he was safe from the “party” and we bolted.

The groom’s brother texted me the next day and thanked us for locking his brother away and told us it was smart of us to have left. Apparently one of the guys slapped the chick so hard across the head while banging that she got knocked out.

The one married guy got divorced like a month later and all 5 of the guys got some pretty funky shit from the stripper. The groom and his wife are still married and so am I.

The one my wife and sister were involved in was much more mild. They had a bachelorette party for my best friends upcoming bride while the guys came to my house for a night of video games, pool, and poker.

At about 2 am, my wife calls me and asks if we can bring enough vehicles to pick up 10 girls. 3 of us who were sober drove down to pick up the girls from downtown and the only missing girl was the bride. Thankfully her soon-to-be groom stayed at my place drunk because this would have gotten much worse.

On the way back my sister proceeds to tell me that the bride bolted with some guys back to the hotel and told the girls that she got them a separate suite for them to return to unless they wanted to join the fun. All of us were appalled and couldn’t comprehend it. My buddy was passed out on my couch downstairs so we just left him and everything would be handled in the morning when he is sober.

In the morning my wife got a text from the bride, sent at 4 am, asking to come get her and take her to CVS and then home and to be there at 8. My buddy and I went instead. On the way to the hotel I filled him in on the facts I knew but we would find out ourselves.

When we got to the hotel we went to the room and walked in, using my wife’s key card, to what can only be described as a human-sized used condom and jizz rag. The room had a stench that can not be described, and there lie the bride-to-be, on the bed sprawled out with 2 guys and another 2 on the floor. There were no condoms in sight and this check looked all sorts of used up.

Without saying a word, my buddy called and canceled his credit card that she used to pay for everything, called up a few other buddies of ours who had trucks and trailers, and we spent the next 6 hours taking all of his shit out of their apartment. Obviously, the wedding was called off and the chick ended up crying pregnant until he responded back with a phone number to his lawyer who had photos of the room and her with other guys, all nude, in his possession if she wanted to go that route and she backed off. This was all about 3 years ago and since then she has been engaged 2 times and “pregnant” once. None of us have seen her since.


15. There’s a Twist At The End

I’m not sure if this counts – was in a very dark time in my life and I was drowning my sorrows at a bar. I was alone, physically and emotionally ripped apart, addicted to drugs, drunk, sobbing my eyes out and completely out of my mind, when the girl next to me strikes up some convo, asks me if I want to smoke some weed out in her car, (obviously) I did. We went out to her car and the next thing I knew this girls tongue was down my throat and she was on top of me. I went with it, and things got steamy really fast, and suddenly we were interrupted by violent pounding on her windows and her doors flying open, hands pulling her off of me – it was 6 of her friends, her fucking best friends – her fucking wedding party, and I was making out with the bride. They dragged her away and I never saw her again (even though I’m pretty sure I’d never remember anyway). And, oh yeah….I’m a girl.

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