27 Women Fess Up To Whether They Think A Penis Looks Attractive Or Not And Why


1. It Totally Depends On The Mood

Honestly if a guy was to send me a dick pic (which has happened plenty of times) it doesn’t turn me on at all! But dicks can be attractive to me in the heat of the moment when I’m extremely turned on. Like I don’t sit and Google dick pics like guys do with nude girls. But hey I still love some good dick tho.


2. Nope, They’re Unattractive

From a purely aesthetic standpoint? No, not really.

They’re kind of unattractive.

But when I like a a guy, I love his penis, because it’s part of him and its a conduit through which I can give him pleasure.


3. They’re Definitely Attractive

Bisexual woman here, and I definitely find penises attractive. I always have, and I can become aroused by looking at a pic of a random dick, but it’s much more intense when it’s a dick I know. 😊

I think it’s because I can physically remember the sensations that penis accompanied, as opposed to a random dick pic. Then again, I’m a very sexual person so maybe I’m just hypersexual.

When it comes to vaginas, I also think they’re attractive and arousing, but if I’m only looking at a picture, I’d prefer it was of a penis.


4. Cock Worship

My time to shine!

I am in LOVE with my fiancés penis. Dick pics are meh, but in person…guys, I never understood cock worship until I saw him naked for the first time.

It’s beautiful. It’s smooth and soft and pink and just…ugh it’s lovely. I was never really into genitals of either flavor until I met him. Maybe it has something to do with the person attached to the penis? Idk. But god is his perfection.


5. They’re Very Attractive

Yes, I find them very attractive. In person, or in porn, or in artistic type photos, but I haven’t gotten (and don’t want) a “dick pic.”


6. Dicks Are Sexier Than Faces

I find them arousing and attractive too, there was a short period in my life when I browsed a gonewild type sub for big dicks every day. I can even say I think dicks are sexier than faces, in that looking at a face pic wouldn’t turn me on but a dick pic would. It has to be hard though, limp is a turn off.


7. Dicks Are Beautiful

Straight female. I find dicks incredibly beautiful. Of course there’s dicks that are better looking than others but there are definitely some sculpture worthy dicks. I used to lay with my face super close to [my ex’s] dick and just look at it. That being said, dicks, just like faces or bodies become more or less attractive to me based on the person/what else is attached to it. Like an OK body with a beautiful dick makes his body more attractive. A beautiful dick and face with shitty personality loses all attraction for me. But in purely objectification standpoint, yes I find them visually attractive.


8. A Penis Alone Isn’t Attractive

As a 25F (straight), if I am turned on by the guy and we have an emotional connection, then I want to see him naked and touch him down there. But I wouldn’t say I find penises by themselves attractive. With my SO, I always want to see him naked and touch him all over because I love him.


9. Penises Are Not Attractive

Hell no. I’m fairly convinced I’m attracted to male bodied people in spite of their genitalia. Penises kind of weird me out (sorry, dudes). Definitely much more into vulvas, though I would probably react similarly to being sent the vulva equivalent of an unrequested dick pic.


10. Doesn’t Find Them Ugly

I don’t get turned on by penises out of context. It needs to be attached to a man, who is available to me, and about to fuck me. Otherwise, meh. I don’t find them ugly, though.


11. Only If It’s Thick And Swollen

It depends on the dick I would say for me. Most are just there and ok, but then there is this thick, swollen, veiny ramrod kind of dick that also turns me on visually. It awakens primal instincts somehow.


12. Yes, When Turned On

I’ve never found myself googling pictures of penises to get off to or anything like that.. but when I am turned on I gotta say a penis looks pretty damn good haha.

My guy sends me pictures of his penis while he’s in the shower & it really turns me on. I think it’s cause its my boyfriend, but still I love the way it feels in my hand and my mouth like a LOT. So I’d say its 50/50 attraction to a penis and attraction to the male that HAS the penis lol!


13. Yes, If She Knows The Owner

Yeah, I think dicks are generally nice to look at and to touch. I’m actually very attracted to out-of-context dick pics if they’re from a guy I already know, like, and am sleeping with.


14. Not Rando Dicks, No

When random dudes send me pictures of their erections it does not turn me on whatsoever, not in the slightest. However, the thought of my boyfriend’s penis standing alone, all in its divine glory, makes me tremble. Sometimes when I’m at work, I randomly think about his dick and it makes my clitoris throb a little. I can get wet by just giving him a hand job while we’re watching TV.


15. Loves A Good Bulge

I LOVE the dick when slightly covered. Give me a pick of bulge, or a photo that shows part of it, and I’m down. Show me the whole thing wham bam thank you man and Im kinda “eh.” Although context is important, and what else is in the photo. Show me a handsome photo of the man Im sexting with and his dick happens to be showing as well I won’t complain…. But a full shot of nothing else but? again “eh”.


16. Yes

Yes. I love them. I look at dick pics, watch men jerk off, etc. Dicks are hot.


17. No

As a straight female, no. A generic pic of a dick doesn’t turn me on.


18. Loves Cuddling Them

Depends on the penis. Some are much more attractive than others. I’m also weird and enjoy touching penises a lot. Something about how soft the skin is there. I find them fun to absentmindedly cuddle with.


19. Yes, My Mouth Straight Waters

Mmm if I find the guy attractive, I’m very excited to see his dick. If it’s a pic he sends me, I like to use it for my imagination. If it’s in person, my mouth straight waters. Oh and I’m straight.


20. Not Attractive Like Guys Like Boobs

Dick pics turn me off… unless it’s long, hard, one color, and attached to a 6-pack

But when I’m with a guy I like the way the feel and to play with it but it doesn’t turn me on the way my boobs turn on him I would say


21. Hot, Not Attractive

I don’t know that attractive is the word I would use. I think they’re hot; I love how they feel in your hand, and how guys just melt when you handle them properly. I don’t know that I find them attractive though?

I’m bi, if that matters.


22. Just The Outline

I don’t necessarily find the actual dick attractive, BUUUUT I think the outline of a hard dick in a guy’s pants is really sexy.


23. It’s A Body Part…

It’d kind of like asking “Do you find my arm attractive?” It’s a body part. I don’t fetishise over it.


24. It Takes Time To Be Attracted To A Dick

I find that they grow on me…

But in all seriousness 9/10 it takes a bit of time for me to really desire and appreciate a guy’s dick. Penises are so different from any other part of my body. Seeing a new one is always a very pleasant shock. Once I get past that and, for lack of a better phrase, get used to it then I start to appreciate it and find it attractive. Couple that with even more time and experience with my partner and I find his penis itself attractive in no time.


25. Balls Are Better

I think it’s definitely more the guy + the dick, more than just the dick itself. I’ve never known a girl to masturbate while sexting/receiving a dick pic, but I’m not saying it definitely doesn’t happen.

I like my boyfriend’s, I’m probably more interested in them then he is. like the way it looks, seeing him with a boner even if I’m not feeling well or like if I’m not thinking about sex, will get me riled up, and IDK, I just like it.

He used to say he was never a balls guy, but I think I might’ve convinced him otherwise.


26. A Penis Needs A Man Attached

Uhm…no…not attractive…just with the guy…a penis alone is not attractive just like a vagina on itself is not attractive.


27. “Ew”

To be honest, only big thick, strong looking cocks are sexy to me. And it’s usually only with guys I’m emotionally connected to. Whenever I’ve gotten pictures of small dicks it’s just made me go “ew”. If I’m being brutally honest.

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