17 Women Looking For Love Confess The Real Reason Why They’re Still Single

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1. Laziness

I’m lazy. And the allure of POSSIBLY meeting someone I could POSSIBLY go on a date with and then POSSIBLY get into a relationship with is just not stronger than the call of my bed, netflix, and a nice bowl. Particularly since most weeks I’m working 9-9 with some very big personalities and at night/weekends all I want to do is bask in being alone.


2. Broken From The Past

Dating seems way too tedious and I just don’t want to go through with it. I’ve also had some relationships that have broken me, and I’m not sure I can do it again.


3. Fear Of Intimacy

Because I have this weird thing where I don’t like intimacy. I don’t enjoy kissing or being touched in certain areas. I HATE spooning. Hate it. Also, I’ve just been on an emotional roller coaster with a guy who treated me like shit so I decided I’m better off being single.


4. Don’t Want To Settle

People think I’m out of their league or are douche bags that I don’t want to date.

I don’t want to be single, I miss having somebody to snuggle up to, but I also don’t want to settle – I’ve already wasted enough time on shitty relationships.


5. Anxiety

My anxiety renders me completely silent when anybody approaches me and when I manage to talk what comes out usually isn’t English, or even words, just like….strange sim-like sound effects and gestures. And when a guy is crazy enough to give the awkward sim girl a chance my trust issues front up and remind me that every guy I’ve ever been with has cheated on me and the law of averages dictates that I should run, run NOW. Both things I’m trying to work on, but until then I’m happy just doing my own thing.


6. Too Picky

I’m too picky. As conceited as it sounds, I’ve become really good at seeing the red flags and warning signs of a doomed relationship and it’s gotten to the point where I just don’t even want to bother anymore. I’d rather focus my time and effort elsewhere in life.


7. Men Want Her To Be Subordinate

Realized the only person who was supporting my vision of who and what I could be was me. Have yet to meet a man who doesn’t ask me, sooner or later, in one way or another, to make my life subordinate to his.


8. Doesn’t Put Herself Out There

Probably because I don’t put myself out there.

Not to toot my own horn or anything but I think I’m fairly pretty. Slim, and I have nice skin.

I like movies, music, runescape, and fashion.

I don’t look like a typical geeky person probably because I love fashion so much so I think guys don’t even try approaching me. Also I get scared when guys I find attractive talk to me. I just ignore them so I come off as rude.

Im terrified of sex so I don’t pursue any type of flings/one night stands. I don’t drink much either, but i do have a lot of friends.

I think, overall, men don’t find me approachable.


9. A Relationship Isn’t The Focus Right Now

Mostly by choice. I don’t have my life together and I’m at an age where that’s important in a relationship. The not by choice part is that I’m dealing with a lot of medical problems that have caused my life to be a mess, so I can’t get out to meet people or socialize even if I wanted to.


10. Hung Up On Best Friend

In love with my best friend. Hard to meet other people when I am still hung up on a relationship that is never going to happen.


11. Slim Pickings Available

Because there aren’t any attractive, fit, male gamer geeks my age who don’t have kids in my area from what I can tell by looking at the online options. My cats are more mentally stable than the lean pickings available, so I stick with them.


12. Just Hasn’t Tamed Him Yet

He’s like a wild horse and I have to lasso him. Every time I get the rope around his neck it slips off :(

Seems like its working this time though. knocks on wood.


13. Doesn’t Know How To Flirt

My Excuse: I am a grad student in a small town on a conservative college campus with few other grad students.

(Likely) Real Reason: I am bi, with a stronger attraction to women than I realized (or maybe a lesbian, who knows), but have no idea how to approach, flirt with, or date women. Granted, I have no idea how to do those things with men either. My best friend says I am flirting-illiterate (she always notices people flirting with me, I never do).

I am not super hot, probably about average, and I like to think I’m mildly interesting. I have a lot of hobbies–it’s just that most of them are done just as easily by myself as with another person.


14. Introverted, Hates People

Uber introverted and shy girl, most guys (statically) are introverted or they’re shy.

I crave alone time and am kind of asocial, I hate all humans half of the time.

If it looks like a guy likes me I just assume I’m reading things wrong

Small town and I’m weird and have different interests that not many people have unless they’re like me…. which means they don’t ever leave their house either… fuck

Fat and ugly, kind of a given

Most guys my age are dumb as fuck (or at least at my school)

Man voice



15. Men Only Want Sex

Well for one, I am not entirely sure if I am in the right mindset to be in a relationship with anyone right now. I don’t want to get into a relationship just because I am lonely, and I’m not sure I am in the right mental state right now to assess if I am getting into a relationship for the right reasons, and I don’t think that is fair on any potential future partners.

…secondly to that no one likes me in that way. And whenever I think I have a shot with someone it turns out they just want sex. Which is fine, I have nothing against casual sex if that is what people want. It’s just not for me, but typically they’ve not been very honest upfront about it and I end up getting led on and burned. Can lead to some pretty shitty self esteem issues where sometimes I have bouts (which I know are irrational and am working on) in which I feel I’m only good for sex, because that’s all anyone ever wants from me…and even then they end up moving on to a new model quickly…sometimes right in front of me.


16. Awkward At Small Talk

Because I can’t make small talk to save my life, so therefore no one ever really talks to me for more than 5 minutes because it gets awkward.


17. No Idea

Fuck if I know.

I’m perpetually single. I’m 35 and if you total up all the times I’ve spent in relationships together it’d only be about 2-3 yrs. But I do the things your supposed to: I’m online and do initiate conversations there, I belong to a few meetup groups, I’m in a few rec sport leagues in the summer, I’m outgoing, I go to social events. It is what it is. I’m not going to mope about because I’m single. I’m still going to go to shows, movies, on adventures on my own. If I should happen to meet a guy, I like him, and he likes me, then I’d be open for a relationship.

In the mean time: Batteries.

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