Don’t Worry, Love Will Find You

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Henri Pham

Love will find you one day.

It may be hard to believe as you see another one of your friends get attached and wonder when it’s going to be your turn. It can be difficult to fathom when you return home, resigned from your latest date thinking maybe you’re just better off alone. It is definitely tough to imagine you’ll be blissfully in love when it has eluded you your whole life.

But please don’t ever lose faith. You have to believe that you are worthy of good things happening to you.

I know what it must have felt like to feel so utterly lonely at times that you wish someone can be there for you. That you feel there must be something wrong with you if you never experienced true love at your age. That you feel undeserving of love because you continually attract toxic relationships into your life. That you feel you’re not good enough because the people you like will never like you back.

That’s not true.

You’re good enough the way you are. You’re so strong for overcoming obstacles and allowing no difficulties to stand in your way. You’re optimistic, as you strongly believe that better days are around the corner. You’re determined to chase after what you want despite the possibility of failing and having failed before. You’re confident because you understand that it’s not something that is achieved overnight but a continuous journey that you won’t give up on.

You will find love one day.

When your forever person finds you, they will be far from perfect, yet this love between you will feel so right. They won’t save you from your demons but they will be fighting alongside you. They won’t always say or do all the right things but they always have the best intention towards you. They won’t be everything that you wish them to be but they are who you need them to be.

Please have faith and don’t sell yourself short. Wait patiently for the one who will change your life in all the right ways. Settle down with the person you trust with your heart and whom you know will never betray you.

So please don’t rush to find love because you won’t always be alone. You have a lifetime to spend with your forever person. Until you find them, start to fall in love with your own life instead. Begin to enjoy your own company instead of needing to jam-pack your schedule to make sure you’re never alone. Don’t be too consumed with wanting to be with someone that you start to settle, that you rather be with someone who’s sometimes there than wait for your forever one.

One day, you will love and be loved the way you always wanted it to be.

Know that you’re worth the big love that you always dream of. Believe that you’re worthy of love despite how it had failed you in the past. Accept the love that you deserve and nothing less than that. Understand that everyone has a different timeline and there’s nothing wrong if you haven’t found love yet.

So please, keep loving and never lose faith. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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