10 Uncomfortable Signs You Are Ready To Meet Your Forever Person

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1. You don’t have a fixed idea of who your forever person is.

You are open to the possibility of love and you go with the flow. You stop imposing sky-high expectations on who you should date and you don’t base your feelings mainly on first impressions and chemistry. You don’t believe in having a long checklist of qualities that your ideal person should have. You are more concerned with what lies in their heart than their outward appearances.

2. You’re not obsessed with finding love.

You trust that you will get into a relationship when you are ready. You don’t make it your sole objective in life to get a significant other. You’ve come to understand that romantic love is not the most important thing in the world and you focus on the other key things in your life, be it your career or growing as a person.

3. You start thinking of the future instead of living in the moment.

You stop jumping from one relationship to the next because you are lonely. Unlike in the past when you may be used to casual dating that leads to nowhere, and ‘almost’ relationships that leave you confused and heartbroken, the current you no longer sees a point of dating for the sake of it.

4. You let go of toxic people and relationships that are detrimental to your well-being.

You are completely over your previous relationship and the last person you dated. You stop comparing every new person you meet to your ex. You don’t stalk them on their social media and they don’t cross your mind anymore. You accept the past for what it was and you let go of old bitterness and resentment that were once weighting you down.

5. You’re not afraid of love.

It’s understandable that you’re hesitant to love again after it failed on you countless times. However, while you’ve growth to be more cautious of the people you meet, you are able to move out of the past turmoil and grow stronger from the mistakes and experiences. You’re not closed off to the possibility of love and you continue to love wholeheartedly, as you know that you deserve nothing less.

6. You are content to be single.

You enjoy your singlehood and you view it as a time to get to get to know yourself, pursue your hobbies, and do what you love. You indulge in activities that make you feel alive. You don’t perceive your self-worth based on whether or not you are in a relationship. You are comfortable to be by yourself and you live your life for you.

7. You stop thinking that feelings can conquer everything.

You’ve learned that as important as feelings are, there are so many other factors, including compatibility, that can make or break a relationship. Feelings can fade eventually. You’ve come to understand that it is more vital to find someone who’s willing to commit to you and build something substantial with you.

8. You stop believing that you don’t deserve love.

Maybe you’ve had your heart broken before. Maybe you’ve had a traumatizing childhood. Maybe you are used to disappointment and people leaving you. But whatever happened to you previously, you recognized that you deserve happiness as much as anyone else. You’ve come to appreciate and love yourself for the wonderful creation you are.

9. You stop settling in your relationships.

You know exactly the kind of relationship you want and you won’t settle for anything less. If the person you’re with starts treating you less than what you deserve, you’re quick to pull yourself out of the situation and put an end to it. You’d rather be by yourself than settle with someone who is not right for you.

10. You start listening to your instinct and do what feels right to you.

You’ve become focused on walking your own path instead of caring about what others think of you. You are comfortable in leading your own life instead of being absorbed in ticking off all the milestones you think you should have reached by your age. You are happy with yourself and you’re not at all concerned about the timeline you meet your forever person. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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