12 Little Signs He Sees You As More Than A Friend

Clem Onojeghuo

1. He offers to help you whenever he can and he does things for you, from sending you home to buying food for you. He shows concern for you when you’re not feeling well or when you’re upset. He considers your feelings first and he won’t hesitant to go the extra mile for you even when you insist it’s okay.

2. He listens to you and gives you full attention when you talk about yourself. He put his phone away when he’s spending time with you. He doesn’t interrupt you mid-sentences or keep talking about himself.

3. He talks to you daily, from the time he wakes up to when he falls asleep. He enjoys sharing random happenings throughout the day with you. He likes to update you on his whereabouts and there is no large lapse of time where he is MIA without telling you.

4. He remembers every little thing that you tell him. He knows your favorite food and what movie genres you like. He knows who your best friend and is what you like to do in your free time. He knows all about your fears and dreams. Whatever you tell him, he is sure to take note of.

5. He is attentive towards you and notices every little thing about you. He asks you about your day, such as what you have for lunch or how work is going. He notices a change in your appearance even if it’s something small such as your nail color or when you dress differently.

6. He makes the effort in the dates with you. Whether is it making sure that you have a good time or making time for you, he thinks about you first. He doesn’t forget about you even when he’s busy or stressed at work. He enjoys being with you and treasures the time with you.

7. He doesn’t give you one-word replies. He uses emojis and he always sounds enthusiastic when talking to you. You never feel that you are talking to yourself or that the conversation would end if you stop thinking of what to say. He finds ways to continue the conversation, as he likes talking to you.

8. He respects you and treats you like his close friend. He doesn’t insult you when he’s angry or vent his frustrations on you. He doesn’t act sleazy towards you and he is sincere in wanting to build a close bond with you.

9. He hints that he likes you. He asks you about your feelings towards him and if there is a chance of getting together with him. He wants to know all about your past relationship history and your ideal type of person. He makes it clear that he’s looking for something more substantial and long-term.

10. He has a good impression of you and thinks very well of you. He is honest and doesn’t sweet talk. He compliments you on your appearances and abilities. He admires your strong personality and he appreciates your kind heart. He thinks you are good enough the way you are.

11. He includes you in the other aspects of his life. He is not afraid to share his personal problems with you. He doesn’t hide your existence and he introduces you to his friends. He’s willing to take pictures with you and doesn’t object to you posting about him on your social media.

12. He gives you the right feeling. There are no mixed signals or gray areas. You don’t have to analyze what he means or discuss with your girlfriends whether or not you stand a chance with him. You are not confused because he makes it very obvious that he likes you and he shows you every chance he can. You don’t have to wonder because you know for a fact that he does. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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