This Is How A Strong Woman Falls In Love

The Histographer
The Histographer

A strong woman doesn’t shy away from love.

She feels the magnetic pull towards you and scared as she may be at first, she doesn’t pull away. She meets eyes with you and suddenly finds herself drowning in the depths of your unfathomable eyes. Thrown off-guard, she holds her gaze confidently as through to challenge you. She reaches towards you and gets electrified with your touch. Slightly nervous, she doesn’t draw away, but tightens her hold on you.

A strong woman has high expectations towards love. She’s not okay with gray areas and mixed signals. She speaks her mind and is unafraid to ask the hard questions that make you squirm. Her outspoken honesty makes you search within yourself and ponder about your life. She believes in old-fashioned love and she doesn’t subscribe to the prevalent modern dating rules, or hides her feelings behind façade. She is unabashedly herself and embraces herself, body and soul.

To her, love is simply love.

She follows her heart and loves daringly with brazen assurance. Her sincere words and earnest display of her affection touches your heart and soften your hard stance towards love.

She’s the dazzling star that catches your attention. The glow that lights up your life. The fire that set your world ablaze. She ignites your passion that makes you feel alive. She awakens your desire to love. She revives in you hope to love. She evokes your purpose to be a better man.

A strong woman is unafraid of love. She knows exactly what she’s getting herself into. With every moment she spends with you, she finds herself being engulfed in this flame of attraction between you and her. With every revealed secret and intimate exchange with you, she is thrown into a frenzy as her world starts to include you. With every shared glances and promise uttered, she is on the verge of falling dangerously in love with you.

And she welcomes the falling with open arms. She doesn’t wait for you to fall in love with her, but takes matters into her own hand. She doesn’t tiptoe hesitantly, but strides boldly into your heart. She doesn’t gaze passively but leans forward to kiss you.

She is not fixated to know the ending of how your story plays out with hers. She cherishes the journey of getting to know you as she understands certain things cannot be rushed.
She accepts reality for what it is and doesn’t idealize you or romanticize what you and she have. She is in tune with the present moment and she doesn’t drive herself crazy with worries of the future.

For she loves with everything she has and she refuses to regret any of it. She does not break even when you try to bend her to your will. She does not cower under pressure and she stands her ground for her principles. When everything is said and done, she possesses the dignified grace to walk away with her head held high.

She does not regret any of it for she’s just glad she loved and tried.

And if you and her end up being the exception of heartbreak and avert the disastrous ending of modern dating horror, if you and she become the successful love story in this era, she promises to write your happy ending with her, with all the love she can muster. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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