This Is How A Strong Woman Loves

Jesse Herzog
Jesse Herzog

Her guileless eyes draw you in like nothing you have experienced before. When she speaks, her voice reminds you of calming and sweet melodies. She flashes you her dazzling and warm smile and you are unable to look away.

But don’t underestimate her.

She is not a delicate flower to be admired for her beauty. She is the resilient weed that fights aggressively for survival. She is not a mermaid but a siren. Her mesmerizing songs can smooth weary souls, but at the same time, they are deadly and bring men to their knees.

She is not a damsel in distress who needs to be saved. She is a heroine who won’t hesitant to brandish her sword at unsuspecting men who try to cower her.

She will not continue to give and give without any return. She will not love in vain. She will not cry and grieve for someone unworthy of her affection.

No, she expects her love to be reciprocated. She requires her effort to be appreciated and meet with equal commitment.

She is not your cheerleader and any supporting characters in your story. She is not your puppet, waiting for you to pull her strings. She is not your pawn for you to advance with your interest. She is not your toy to play with when you are bored.

She is the main lead of her story, the controller of her destiny, and she wields her own fate.

She is not your mother who loves you unconditionally and patiently at the expense of herself. She is under no obligation to pause her life while waiting for you to make up your mind. She is her own person living her life the way she wants uncaring of what anyone thinks of her.

Her love is wild and all-encompassing. It is the piercing rays that almost blinded you when you met eyes with the sun.

Her love is loud and cannot be contained.

It is the kind she wants to shout into the wind, kisses you under the blanket of stars, and has the sky and ocean to bear witness to.

She refuses to dilute the real version of her, to dim her light, and be anything less than herself to be accepted and loved.

She is not your subordinate, who has to obey your every command dutifully. She does not need your help to navigate her life. She does not need your approval and validation to feel good enough.

Instead, she is captain of her ship determined to steer it to shore by herself. Unfazed and undaunted by the stormiest sea, she sees life as a huge adventure, and is happy to go wherever fate takes her. Her heart is full of love. Her days are fulfilling and purposeful. Her eyes are filled with excitement to take on life. And her soul is alive as she pursues her passion and chases after her dreams.

She is not in the extreme area of black or white. She is gray, in between, a delicate balance of soft and hard. She is not white noise or background wallpaper. She is a masterpiece.

You are unable to take her presence for granted. You cannot ignore her. And you find it hard not to fall for her.

She is not an angel. She is human.

Don’t mistake her kindness for weakness. Don’t think any less of her just because she thinks the world of you. Don’t hurt her even through you know she is strong enough to survive anything.

Don’t love her unless you are absolutely, completely, and totally sure you do. For she won’t accept anything less than what she deserves. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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