23 Signs You’re A Confident Woman Rockin’ Your Single Life

Josh Dorazio
Josh Dorazio

1. You are not afraid to be single. Yo’d rather be by yourself than to be in a wrong and unhappy relationship.

2. You don’t put your life on hold for anyone. You have no issues going out by yourself and doing whatever you want.

3. You are not fixated on getting into a relationship. While you may occasionally go on a date or fret over how difficult dating is, your life does not revolve around guys.

4. You don’t jump into a new relationship the minute you breakup with someone. Instead, you take as long as you need to heal and get back onto your feet.

5. You are driven and have goals. While you may not have your whole life figured out, you are hustling and trying to cope the best you can.

6. You know what kind of relationship you are looking for and you refuse to settle for less.

7. You are attractive and confident. You take care of your appearance, not to attract male attention, but for yourself.

8. You don’t play mind games. If you meet someone you are interested in, you aren’t afraid to let him know.

9. You know your worth and you keep your standards high. If you are dating someone and he’s flakey, you immediately lose interest.

10. You don’t mope over what happened. You may have just gone through a break up or were ghosted, but you don’t dwell on it and you know this too shall pass.

11. You don’t chase after anyone. If a guy is not interested, you move on. You don’t waste your time and energy on someone who doesn’t want you back.

12. You keep your distance from guys who only want to hookup. You’d rather be alone than to waste your time with someone temporary.

13. You don’t let other people’s opinions affect you. You may get bombarded with question on ‘why are you single?’ or ‘are you talking to anyone?’ but honestly, you don’t care.

14. You live in the moment. You are over your ex and you aren’t worried about how to find the ‘right guy’. All you care about is how content you are with your life right now.

15. You have a fulfilling life. You have a social life, you fill your time with activities you enjoy doing, and you surround yourself with people who you love.

16. You don’t beat yourself up over bad days. You may have just texted an old flame or stalked your ex over social media and regretted it, but you don’t let it affect you much and you know tomorrow is a new day.

17. You don’t take dating apps too seriously. You may have used them in the past or avoid them totally. Either way, you don’t expect to find a relationship there.

18. You are clear about what you want. If you aren’t looking for anything serious, you are firm on it and won’t get into something you are not ready for.

19. If you meet someone and you aren’t feeling it, you don’t give him the wrong idea. You don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

20. You see the happy couples around you and you truly feel happy for them. You know your time will come and for now, you are enjoying yourself and that is all that matters.

21. You don’t see being single as a big deal. You know that being single has its pros and cons. Same as being in a relationship.

22. You aren’t bitter about love. You may have terrible experiences with relationship and dating, but you truly believe that love is a beautiful thing and you just haven’t met the right one yet.

23. You hope to find the right person to spend the rest of your life with. But if however you don’t, the thought of it doesn’t scare you so much anymore. You can appreciate and see the beauty of living a life of your own terms. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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