20 Signs You’re A Strong Woman Who Handles Her Relationships Differently

Caleb George
Caleb George

1. You don’t expect him to text you 24/7 and tell you where he is or what he is doing because you trust him.

2. You don’t pester him to buy you things or take for granted that he should.

3. You understand he has a life outside of the relationship and don’t expect him to spend all his time with you.

4. You don’t announce every single detail of your relationship on social media and instead prefer to keep it private.

5. You take care of yourself be it your physical appearance and your health.

6. You have your own life outside the relationship. You meet your friends, you pursue your interests, and are content to spend time by yourself.

7. You handle arguments and conflict in a mature manner. You don’t expect him to give in to you. You want to talk it out and reach a compromise.

8. You tell him what you are thinking. If you are angry or upset, you tell him what’s going on instead of pretending everything is okay or hoping that he will ‘get’ it.

9. You don’t expect him to take on all the financial responsibilities. You want to split the bill and help to contribute to both of your joint savings.

10. You don’t leave him at the sign of troubles. You encourage him to follow his dreams and support him in whatever he does.

11. However, if there are issues unable to be resolved, and if this relationship is no longer fulfilling both of your needs, you are prepared to make the hard decision.

12. You won’t cheat on him. When you decide to commit to this relationship with him, you have every intention to make it work and won’t hurt him deliberately.

13. You don’t need him to ‘save’ you. You don’t think it’s his job to make you happy and solve all your problems for you.

14. You appreciate him for who he is. You don’t compare him to your ex or your friend’s boyfriend.

15. You are clear about your sexual needs. If there’s anything you are uncomfortable with, you won’t hesitate to tell him.

16. You don’t tolerate disrespect and abusive behavior. You know your worth and won’t lower your standards. You’d rather walk away if the relationship is toxic to your well being.

17. You don’t change yourself for him. If you want to lose weight or take up a new sport, it is not for his sake but simply because you want to.

18. You don’t freak out at any mention of a work friend or other girls in his life because you are secure in yourself and know that he only has you in his heart.

19. You aren’t afraid to state your relationship expectations clearly. If you want to get married eventually, you tell him instead of being okay with alternative arrangement.

20. You are confident in yourself. You appreciate his compliments but you don’t need him to constantly reassure you that you are pretty and he loves you. Because you know. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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