You Will Either Be My Greatest Love, Or Biggest Heartbreak

Allef Vinicius
Allef Vinicius

With you, there is no between the lines. It is either in or out. Black or white. To love or not to love. And frankly, you scare me.

Because I know, you will expect me to give you every inch of my heart. You will demand all of my love and consume my every thought.

And if you ever leave me, I don’t think I can live after that.

For you are the type of person I will have to devote my whole entire life to forget except that I can never ever forget. For how can I forget when your presence is all I see? How can I forget when my entire existence yearns for you?

I crave for you like the air I breath.
I desire you like no others before.
I want you with an intensity that hurt.

I yearn for you as through you are my last wish on earth.

I will spend my whole life seeking for another whose presence only pales in comparison to you. I will be a shell of my former self for you have taken away my whole heart and any ability to love.

You are the type of love that would haunt me to my bones and make me feel how I would prefer death to living with the ghost of you. Your absence is a mockery of all I have lost as it taunts me with what I can never have.

You are the type of heartbreak that ripped my heart out from me and leaves me barely alive to feel every ounce of pain coursing through my veins. Each painful breath that I draw seems like an ultimate betrayal to my utmost desire.

You are the type of loss that no matter how many times I tried to convince myself, I can never come to terms with it. I think I would have preferred a dagger piercing into my heart than this slow agonized death you have reduced me into. For none can compare to you.

So yes, I am terrified of you. Not because of you but how you would be the biggest gamble of my life. You could prove to be my greatest salvation or undoing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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