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Everything You Need To Know In Order To Survive Mercury And Mars Being In Retrograde Together

Mars is in retrograde until August 27th, 2018. Mercury also goes into retrograde July 26th, 2018. During any retrograde, there is always this heightened energy around moving backward. During this time you may find yourself pondering a lot of things that seem familiar. During retrogrades, a lot of the time people meet up with old lovers, move back to their childhood town, go back to old friendships, reconsider going back to school, etc.

Mercury is the messenger. It’s the God of all things communication-related. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo, so those signs will especially feel the energy.

Mars is the planet of energy, action, and desire. Mars rules Aries so anyone born under the sign of Aries will feel the bold energy around action and movement this retrograde.

Mars is also the God of War, so this time will really require us to process a lot of anger, trauma, and any emotion we have built up. Those born in Aries will especially be feeling feisty, processing and creating boundaries that don’t keep us prisoners from our past will be important during this time.

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To have a retrograde that mixes both the force of communication and also the strong-willed Aries planet of intensity and action, means we are in for a serious transition.

This retrograde a lot of things will come to the light. During this retrograde you may find that the truth will come to the surface, you may find yourself wanting to go back to old habits or old relationships while simultaneously really hearing that voice in the back of your head warn you otherwise. During this retrograde, it will also become very apparent who is really meant to be in our lives, even when it comes to family members. We may notice just what we need when it comes to our company, even just by gaining awareness of who is an energy sucker and who is not. These conjoining energies and having them both be in retrograde at the same time will make it really impossible to be clueless, everything is ready to be known.

The truth is ready to come out and it wants you to acknowledge it.

All along you have been able to identify when something isn’t right, and now is the time that it can no longer be dismissed.

Take it all in.

Take in the honesty, take in the reality of every situation, and give yourself permission to be open to the wholehearted truth – even if you have been denying it all along.

Now is a time that requires us to be exceptionally honest with ourselves. What hasn’t been working for us? Where do we really want to be? How can we balance forgiveness without going backward? Has our inner voice been warning us about our relationship this entire time and we haven’t been listening? Should we go back to friendships that don’t serve us just because it once felt good? Does it even still feel good?

Ask yourself these questions. And be prepared for an answer.

Action and communication are being fully supported right now and it is an absolutely beautiful time to put action to our truth.

Now is the time to both ask, and act. TC mark

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