14 Ways To Know You’ve Found Your BFF

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When you hear the phrase “soul mate,” you probably assume it’s about a “significant other.” The truth is, there are many different types of soul mates that we will encounter throughout our lives. There are ones with whom we share so much of ourselves that we forget where we end and they begin. Then there are the ones that last for a fleeting second, and while they may have left your life, their impact will always be there. And, of course, there is “the soul mate”—the one we share the rest of our lives with.

But I am not referring to any of those soul mates. I am referring to the most important soul mate a girl will find—her best friend. Without a best friend, there is no way a girl could go about finding the rest of the soul mates that will make her journey complete.


Just a quick glance at each other and you both will burst into a fit of laughter.


You’re OK with acting like the lesbian partner when a guy is being too aggressive.


You can be, and are, brutally honest with each other.


There is no topic that is off-limits for the two of you. Literally, nothing is off-limits. NOTHING. (Ask my best friend when the last time I pooped was…go ahead…ask.)


You have no problem sleeping in the same bed together.


You are comfortable in silence.


You support each other’s dreams, ambitions, and hobbies.


You have no problem driving 15 hours together on a whim.


They know everything about the guy you’re “kind of seeing” and fully support it; and when that guy breaks your heart, be careful, because she will cut him for you.


You know each other’s “good side” when posing for pictures, and have “getting together” for a photo down to a science.


You can live hours apart, and it doesn’t impact your friendship whatsoever.


They are usually one of your first text messages in the morning and the last text message at night.


You have to be cautious when opening one of their text messages in public because there’s a good chance it will make you laugh so hard that you snort.


They know so much about you, and vice-versa, that you literally cannot stop being friends due to the immense amount of blackmail you have accumulated against each other.

Maybe our twenties aren’t for finding the “guy of our dreams.” Maybe our twenties are about finding our best friends, and the rest of the years are meant for finding the guy that will accept not only us, but our best friend, too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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