7 Reasons Why Having Small Boobs Is Awesome


See, I’m a petite girl all the way around. I had to accept this a while ago. While my friends were blossoming into C and D cups I was stuck at an A and now barely a B cup. Thankfully my pettiness has allowed me to model, but it wasn’t always easy to see the true beauty in little boobs. Embrace those boobs ladies—big or small. Here are a few reasons having littler breasts is actually kind of amazing and less stressful.

1. You can wear dresses without a bra.

You know those dresses that dip really low in the back or front? Or those dresses that dip in all the wrong ways and make sure your bra is visible? Well when you have small boobs you don’t really need to even worry about finding the correct bra, you can just throw on a dress and head out the door. Your boobs aren’t big enough to be a distraction or sag over and cause you to accidentally flash someone so you’ll be fine. Except for the fact people MAY see your nipple outline, but eff that! NO BRA! WEE!

2. Exercising is a bit more stress free.

You don’t need to worry about your boobs flapping all over the place while you work out on the elliptical. You know that they’ll stay in place as you go up and down and right in your sports bra. They also don’t weigh much so it isn’t like you’re lifting two extra weights every time you make a move.

3. You actually cherish the moments someone looks at your boobs.

See, if you had big boobs you might get annoyed with all the boob attention and fed up with men who have to glance. BUT, when you have petite boobs you actually kind of feel a little happy when someone goes out of their way to admire your little bitty breasts. You aren’t boob-glance-fed-up, so you won’t slap a guy who gives them a little love for a little while (but not a long time, because then it gets creepy).

4. You probably haven’t changed your bra size since early puberty.

You get to keep all your bras! YAY! You knew from an early age your boobs decided to cease all growth, so you have these cool bras from when you were in 8th grade. It makes shopping a bit easier. I still wear my 9th grade polka-dot lime green bra on my lazy days around my apartment/dorm.

5. You can always find your bra size.

When is there never an A or B cup in a bra store? You don’t have to special order a bra online that will support your boobs because most mainstream stores will carry them. Plus, if you aren’t like me and have a double A you can always find a bra in the junior’s section.

6. Your boobs are probably perky.

I don’t know if there’s truth to this statement, but I feel like smaller boobs stay perkier for a longer amount of time. They don’t fail you and sag because they’re already small. See, I’ve made a hypothesis that the smaller the boob the more it will want to stand out SO throughout evolution, girls who had smaller breasts would be blessed with a perky gene so they could still have something cool about their boobs. That’s just science for you all.

7. Small boobs are cute.

Big boobs may be sexy, but smaller boobs are cute. They can fit right in your hand and are very there for the grab! Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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