15 Reasons Why Wyoming Is The Best State. Period.


I used to live in Maryland and work on Capitol Hill. I now live in a town with less than 10,000 people in Wyoming in the middle of nowhere. Be jealous.

1.  Zero traffic. I can leave the house 3 minutes after I was supposed to be at work and STILL get there on time.

2. No lines. It could be the busiest day of the year (read: Black Friday) at Walmart, and I still don’t have to wait. Most likely because the cashiers know me/are my students.

3. I know everyone. Everywhere. If I am caught in a bind, whether it’s my car, the mail, my dog runs away, chances are, I know whoever it is I will be dealing with and they will help me and actually care about my problem.

4. If I actually DON’T know someone, they know my dad.

5. People are SO nice. Everywhere. Period. Even if it is 11pm and they’re trying to close the bar, they’re still happy to see you.

6. We have one university. Poke pride is unanimous. We only have one four year institution and everyone in the state roots for it… no matter how bad we might be at football/basketball that year.

7. It is beautiful here. Have you ever been to Yellowstone/the Tetons/anywhere in Wyoming? It is absolutely breath-taking, and guess what? No lines!

8. Wide open spaces. Montana is a sneaky bastard because they must have paid someone to get the name “big sky state”- that belongs to Wyoming. You’ve never seen a horizon so big.

9. There is zero pollution. You haven’t seen the stars til you’ve seen them from the Big Horn mountains.

10. Usually, people who move here trying to change things get booted by the locals. Which is amazing and maintains our Western traditions.

11. We are undisputed Bronco country. Go Peypey!

12. When I go to the gym after work, it takes me approximately 6 minutes there and 6 minutes back, making my hour long run last… actually an hour.

13. It dumps snow. And I mean dumps. Causing legitimate reasons to be late/not go to work. Hey, if the car won’t start because it’s -40, you probably shouldn’t be out on the roads.

14. To hell with Angie’s list, you can most likely talk to anyone you know about any business, doctor, dentist, etc. and they will give you the lowdown.

15. You know the cops. My boyfriend works for the county, and every time we drive past a police officer, he waves. Not to be an ass-kiss, but because they’re his buddies.

No one knows about Wyoming so they generally stay away. But now that you know the secret, you might want to visit. Be careful. You’ll never want to leave. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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