40 Micro Gestures Women Secretly Want Men To Do For Them Without Having To Ask

Grace Chung
Grace Chung

1. Forehead kisses.

2. Good morning texts.

3. Hand written notes to remind her that she is beautiful and badass.

4. Breakfast in bed.

5. Renting old black and white movies for her.

6. Spending a whole Sunday with her in bed.

7. Random steamy make out sessions on the dining room table.

8. Pouring another glass of wine for her. Just because.

9. Making the bed if she seems tense.

10. A night where you leave her alone to hang out with her girlfriends.

11. A bear hug after a long day.

12. Not asking to have sex every single night.

13. Surprising her with a homemade cooked meal after a particularly stressful month.

14. Giving her a heating pad without question.

15. Buying her tampons and pads without complaints.

16. Being ‘man’ enough to call yourself a feminist.

17. Standing up for her when your friends say you’re ‘whipped’.

18. Giving her a shoulder massage on a Tuesday afternoon.

19. Sing along to Taylor Swift with her, without cringing.

20. Take naps with her.

21. Stop being a backseat driver.

22. Amuse her by using those blackhead nose strips at the same time she does.

23. Watch ‘The Bachelor’ with her.

24. Tell her cheesy lines that are actually truthful.

25. Get to know her friends.

26. Tell her why your mom loves her.

27. Grab her hand when she wants to rush to work early.

28. Give her a wink every now and then.

29. Tell her she looks hot in her old sweatpants and with blemish cream on.

30. Hugging her from behind.

31. Tell her you love her in moments where she least expects it.

32. Hold her when she is crying from being so frustrated.

33. Never underestimate the power of flowers.

34. Watch ‘The Notebook’ with her and don’t complain.

35. Look her in the eyes when you’re in a crowded room.

36. Telling her all the reasons why you love her.

37. Telling her what you picture your future looking like with her.

38. Pulling her closer to your chest when you are cuddling.

39. Turning slow, sweet kisses into eager ones.

40. Giggling at her jokes even if you don’t think they are funny. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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