Your Girlfriends Will Save You When You Can’t Save Yourself

The relationships you have with your friends are some of the most meaningful, important and intimate relationships that you will have with anyone in your life. The love you have for your girlfriends is unlike any other.

Your girlfriends save you by being honest with you when you can’t be honest with yourself. Your girls will be able to lovingly tell you what you need to hear, they will be bold when they have to be and gentle with your heart when they know you need sensitivity. They will tell you when a guy isn’t treating you right or when you should push your boundaries to go for that drink with a new guy your feeling anxious about. Your girlfriends will save you when your insecurities are screaming at you to be broken because of him, your girlfriends will tell you that you are beautiful and why he wasn’t even worth your time.

Your girlfriends save you when you are messy and heartbroken. Your girlfriends will save you when you don’t feel like waking up in the morning and they will call to check to see how you are doing. Your girlfriends will drive for hours to be with you on anniversaries that you would wish you could forget.  Your girlfriends are the ones who stood by your side when they didn’t have to. Your girlfriends will save you when they choose to stay in your life; not when it is convenient to be in your life, but when your life is messy and they still stand by you.

Your girlfriends will save you when you aren’t sure what to do with your life. Your girlfriends will support you when they know you can’t afford that certain drink, they will happily pay for. Your girlfriends will change their lifestyle around because they know and understand that your lifestyle cannot match theirs financially. Your girlfriends will save you when you move into that first apartment and gift you with hand me down televisions and rugs to help you decorate your new life with.

Your girlfriends will save you when they put on your favorite song in the car with you when you’re feeling down, when they dance with you for hours on end and don’t mention how off beat you are.

Your girlfriends will save you in ways you never knew before. Your girlfriends will bring to life parts of yourself that you didn’t know existed. Your girlfriends will save you by inspiring you to be the best you can be, because they truly believe in you. Your girlfriends will support you no matter the distance, in ways you never knew love could reach so far. Keep your girlfriends close and never let any man dull the shine that your girlfriends see in you and that you should see in yourself. TC mark


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