30 Amazing New Ideas For Podcasts

We Need to Talk About Kevin
We Need to Talk About Kevin

1. PodCast Away: A podcast where I silently befriend a volleyball.

2. Ho Quest: A podcast where we visit each of the area codes in which Ludacris has hoes.

3. BodCasts: A podcast where I interview people in full body casts.

4. Podcats: A podcast where I interview cats about their favorite cats.

5. We Need to Talk…About We Need to Talk About Kevin: A podcast where my guests each week are a couple that finally breaks up by arguing about the movie We Need to Talk About Kevin.

6. I Wonder What THAT was About? A podcast where I read the guest random tweets while off mic and all the listener hears is their response to the tweets.

7. Reunited for the Very First Time: A ‘reunion’ podcast where guests of all different podcasts who mentioned attending their high school or college reunion meet each other for the first time.

8. All of My Very Best Vomits: A podcast where I discuss and analyze the in-and-outs of every single time I have thrown up in my life. No guests.

9. Tell Me Pie: A weekly podcast where people discuss pie for 3.1415 minutes.

10. You’re Fire! A podcast where I interview different fires of great historical significance.

11. WWJDonWTF: A podcast where many different people, with various occupations, theorize about how Jesus Christ would answer Mark Maron’s questions on his WTF podcast.

12. If These Walls Could Talk: A podcast where I interview all of the walls that Mark Walberg has punched, kicked, or thrown people through in movie trailers. Every time some gets thrown into a wall we play a honky horn sound and say that they’ve been “Wallberged!”™

13. Cakewalk: A podcast where my guest takes me on a tour of their neighborhood while we discuss the long, frustrating, and entangled history of every television show about cake. That includes: Ace of Cakes, Wedding Cake Wars, Amazing Wedding Cakes, Cake Boss, Ultimate Cake Off, Cake Bake, Ma$e Loves Cake, Cake Cases, Cold Cake, Caked, Monster Cakes, Cakes of the Supreme Court, Cakes!Cakes!Cakes!, You’re my biggest MisCake, and Sex Cake.

14. NP R U there God? It’s me, Margaret. A podcast where I ask NPR hosts to discuss their religious beliefs with me and then read excerpts of the Judy Blume novel Are you there God, It’s me, Margaret. So far, I’ve got Peter Sagal and the Magliolizzi brothers from Car Talk. Fingers crossed for Terry Gross and Lakshmi Singh.

15. Any Questions? A four-hour long weekly podcast where, along with my co-hosts, I answer the rhetorical questions from pop songs. Episode one: How’s It Gonna Be? Does Anyone Care? Are you that somebody? Who let the dogs out? Spoiler alert: Okay. Yes. No. It was Phillip.

16. The Dude, The Guy, The Dudebro, and The Other Guy: A podcast where you literally have no idea who is speaking at any given time.

17. I Think This One’s a Horse: A podcast where I describe Surrealist paintings.

18. Ya Burnt! A food competition podcast where the contestants attempt to make three angry judges a meal in less than four minutes. Ted Allen describes the food. I describe Ted Allen’s eye rolls. The loser is burnt to death.

19. And Here’s the Kicker: A podcast where we ambush people who kick professionally—karate instructors, football players, kickboxers, rescue swimmers—and forcibly give them a makeover.

20. Host Hour: An hour-long podcast where anyone can be a guest, as long as they are also the host of a podcast.

21. Frogcast: A podcast about decorating with frogs. Some of the decorations are for your home and some are for your office. Some of the frogs are real and some are not real.

22. Left-part or Right-part? A podcast that features a frank roundtable discussion of pre-1970s men’s haircuts.

23. Film Buffs: A podcast for nudist cinephiles.

24. Dun Dun: A podcast hosted by every single day player from Law & Order, Law & Order: SUV, and Law & Order: CI.

25. A Voice in the Darkness: A hard-hitting street-style documentary podcast that takes a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a new podcast each week.

26. Podcastic: A podcast where I review other podcasts. Spoiler alert: Skip all the live ones.

27. Did We Start? A podcast entirely devoted to discussing the exact moment the podcast that is currently in progress began.

28. Roll the Credits: A podcast in which my guest and I ingest the illegal street drug MDMA, and then watch the closing credits of our favorite movies. We will discuss precisely how the credits are making us feel — with updates every few seconds. We will NOT discuss how the MDMA makes us feel — so don’t ask.

29. It Tasted So Cool: A podcast where one guest describes their favorite Instagrammed meal to another guest whose home is in a developing country that is plagued by starvation.

30. OMG You HAVE to See It! A podcast for the cult following of every single television show. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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