45 Little Reminders For When You’re Overwhelmed And Feeling Judged

45 Little Reminders For When You’re Overwhelmed And Feeling Judged

1. People’s opinions come and go, your failures come and go, your fears come and go, but you are always evolving and gaining more beautiful insights in this wild ride we call life.

2. Even when you try your best to be the kindest person in the room, there will always be someone who won’t like you and there will be nothing you can do to change that.

3. It’s a waste of your life to try to be like someone else that your haters favor more than you because you’re allowing them to control who you become.

4. Talent, intelligence, and skill can’t make everyone like you. Those who matter will love you for who you are and for the spark of life they see in you.

5. If certain people dislike you because you’ve failed or you don’t meet their expectations, it’s a sign that you do have a lot to work on, but ultimately, you should improve out of self-love and the genuine desire to grow, not out of spite for those who hurt your feelings.

6. People have their own fears to face and their own sorrows to drown in, so chances are, they’re not thinking about you all that much.

7. If you really think about it, most people form opinions on you based on what you choose to show to the world, both when you’re in their presence and when they’re scrolling through social media.

8. You don’t have to earn the good opinions of others in order to love yourself. You can and should love yourself as you are.

9. Your sole purpose is not to please everybody you meet. You’re here to deliver your gifts to the world, no matter how big or small they might be.

10. You have no control over how everyone perceives you. You’re only human and you only have control over how you want to live your life.

11. The judgmental people you’re so terrified of are actually not as brilliant or perfect or strong as you think they are.

12. You aren’t expected to get every single thing right the first time, so screw those who judge you immediately after you mess up.

13. There really is no one else like you, so don’t believe those who think that you’re more of a curse than a blessing.

14. People who are condescending towards you won’t care if you succeed. They will always want you to be crushed by the weight of your own defeats.

15. The incessant desire to prove yourself is based on the lie that you’re not good enough unless you can be someone other than yourself.

16. Even the deepest thinkers and most profound sages were despised and ostracized, yet they continued to do what they did best. You can try to be ten times who you are now and still have people hate you.

17. You’re going to fall, struggle, cry, beat yourself to the ground, and wallow in self-pity. It’s an inevitable part of being human. You’re not a plastic or metallic person. You’re flesh, blood, and bones.

18. Just because someone else succeeded at a rapid pace without taking breaks and somehow manages to “do it all,” that still doesn’t diminish your value. Don’t be ashamed to give yourself permission to heal from whatever it is you’re hurting from and recharge at your own pace. The more you worry about falling behind, you’ll ironically fall even more behind.

19. Also, just because someone else conquered an insurmountable hardship, it doesn’t make you any weaker or less capable of doing whatever it is you really want out of life.

20. Allow yourself to give up on any goal that has to do with earning back the approval of those who believed that you had no potential whatsoever and are destined to fail.

21. Guilt will never do any wonders for your personal success. So stop feeling guilty for not measuring up to someone’s standards. It’ll only cause you to wallow in your failures and remain too paralyzed to move forward.

22. If you’re worried to death about the future, chances are, it’s because of what several people said about your worth, or lack thereof. If you live in constant worry about the future and your inability to prove yourself to others, it will hold you back from pursuing a lifestyle that would put these worries to rest.

23. Whenever you say, “I can’t” to what you don’t want or care about, you’re right. But whenever you say, “I can’t” to all the beautiful things you want in life, you’re doing so out of fear that you’ll fail and make others disapprove of you even more. Don’t rob yourself of the life you love based on all the hypothetical ways others could judge you.

24. You have so much more control over your own life than you think. Focus on that instead of what you can’t control – other people’s judgments of you and all the ways they’re scrutinizing your deficiencies.

25. If you’ve gone through so much pain and still lived to tell about it, you’re so much stronger than you think, even when others believe that you’ve fallen short.

26. You’re bound to fail and not be in perfect alignment with the road you’ve paved for yourself. It’s to be expected because you’re a flawed human being. Life is chaotic, but that doesn’t mean you absolutely need to bully yourself to get through it.

27. Other people’s opinions are just opinions, so they hold no weight in defining your self-worth.

28. Even if most people say you’re a screw-up, you absolutely have the power to turn that around and change yourself for the best.

29. The people who always seek out faults in you and complain about them don’t have any intention of building you up. They just do it to tear you down.

30. Remember how much you struggled and battled to get to where you are now. Anyone who doesn’t recognize that should not take up space in your mind.

31. You’re the only person who can give yourself a second chance. If everyone gave up on you, that still shouldn’t cause you to give up on yourself. You do yourself a disservice by remaining broken, hopeless, and defeated.

32. Immediate success won’t give you the answers or ease the pain of someone’s hurtful words. Failure can teach you everything that immediate success won’t, no matter how much you hate it initially.

33. You can’t protect yourself from future haters by repeating the words of past haters in your head.

34. You sabotage your chances of a brighter future if you continue to beat yourself up and complain about how others might think that you are unworthy of anything better in life.

35. Whenever you push yourself for your own personal fulfillment, you’ll excel. Whenever you push yourself just to prove others wrong, you’ll undoubtedly freeze up and never make the first move.

36. If you’re already kind, loving, and passionate about at least one thing, what is there to hate?

37. Second-guessing yourself based on all the hypothetical ways others could judge you is a major cause of procrastination on the things that do matter to you. Don’t let it turn into a vicious cycle.

38. You need some high-quality time to stop and think about where you’re headed because all great things that you genuinely want can’t simply be manifested overnight. Screw those who say you need to hurry up because trying to rush through the wrong path will ultimately break you down and set you back even more.

39. Your life belongs to you. So own it like you really mean it before someone else takes advantage of your lack of confidence and steals your life in the process.

40. Feeling intense agony and self-loathing based on a few negative opinions isn’t something you have to do with the rest of your life. It isn’t even essential for survival.

41. You don’t have to be extraordinary or make your life greater than someone else’s just to spite those who have wronged you. There’s always the option of not letting someone’s patronizing words sink deeply into your heart. The latter will give you much more freedom than the former.

42. Haters will find anybody to hate, even those who seem to have it all and are at the top of the world.

43. You are who you are and other people are who they are. Who cares if you’re not as smart, strong, popular, famous, talented, or beautiful as so-and-so? Life is too short to sulk and overthink about all the ways you’re not like some other person that your haters like better than you.

44. Worrying too much about every little thing that others might possibly be thinking of you is a surefire way to miss out on all the wondrous miracles of everyday life that are hidden in plain sight.

45. Despite how much you’ve endured throughout your life thus far, you’re doing the best you can with what you’re given and that in itself is something to be proud of. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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