10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date A Journalism Major

Journalism majors are trained to be specific with words and critical with details. Dating one might actually test your patience by getting used to all the rants about things that relates to the problems of the whole world, or it might just simply turn you insane.
The Newsroom
The Newsroom

1. They are used to researching. One wrong move might put you into the depths of Tartarus. Stalking is a talent, but researching is a skill. If you combine these two together, you are left with no choice but to be honest.

2. They are very critical with details. If you miss something, you might never hear the end of it. They are trained in Journalism school to never miss a detail. So if you forget to greet her during her birthday, I suggest you play dead.

3. They are very specific with words. You must be careful with the words you use. If you misuse a word, it might be taken against you. So know your words.

4. They never run out of words to say. They have countless of things to talk about and they want to share it with you. At least have a general knowledge on things because you don’t want them to think that you aren’t interested.

5. They feel that they always have to proofread anything you’ve written. Murdering the beauty of the English language is not a good idea because grammar is the bread and butter of their profession. I suggest you just let them be.

6. They always feel the need to know every angle of a story. They will eventually get to the bottom of it and know the truth. Thus, lying to them is never an option.

7. They never run out of problems. You will go insane over their endless rants about the government or the economy. Maybe even petty complaints about their pens losing ink while editing a two-paged article.

8. They will write about you. The whole world will know your existence even if you don’t like it. You have to accept that you are not (and will never be) an exception. 

9. They have this ‘omnipresent’ feel. They seem to know everything and it will make you feel like they’re always there. It’s not that they’re clingy; they’re just well versed in the world of social media, current events, news, and history.

10. You should know the difference between your and you’re because you don’t want to get stabbed with a pen. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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