To The Friends Who Are Always There For Us Even When We Aren’t There For Ourselves

To the friends who stay up listening to us talk about our love lives, repeatedly: Thank you.

I know some days you might want to roll your eyes or grab us by our shoulders and shake us. Heck, maybe sometimes you do. You want to tell us to talk about something, anything else, besides that boy, or that other boy, or that other boy again. We know. Trust us, we know. In fact, most days we wish we could just shut ourselves up over it, too. Yet you’ve been such a safe place for us, and we can never thank you enough. Know that nothing you ever do has gone unnoticed.

So thank you for staying up into the early hours of the morning while we tell the same story for the hundredth time, trying to see if we are missing some vague meaning (We probably aren’t).

Thank you for letting us send you screen shots of messages from that boy who we both know we shouldn’t be texting in the first place.

Thank you for being supportive of us when we need it, but also telling us the brutal truth when we want to go back to the same guys who only cause us pain.

Thank you for being the shoulder to cry on when we go back to those boys anyway.

Thank you for giving us advice and telling us what I deserve when we can’t seem to figure that out ourselves.

Thank you for being our wing-woman and keeping us from making mistakes that we surely would’ve made alone.

Thank you for not letting us settle when we set our eyes on someone that isn’t worth our time.

Thank you for helping to put us back together after we’ve fallen apart from someone else.

Thank you for not walking away when we know you easily are/could be frustrated with us.

Most of all, thank you for sticking by us no matter what.

Thank you for being the best representation of love and relationships we could ever know- and probably ever will know in this lifetime. You are the best thing that has ever happened to us, and despite how much we talk about boys, know that we love you and your friendship that much more.

We will always love you that much more. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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