This Is Why You Should Love A Brown Eyed Girl

Daniela Avila
Daniela Avila

You say you hate your brown eyes.

You wish they were emerald or aqua,
you want eyes that stand out to people
when you see them, the kind that
demand attention, the kind that
you view the kaleidoscope of colors
right into their soul.

You turn to the mirror and
you’re saddened by your own
“Plain brown eyes.”
You wish there was a way to change them,
To inject them with brighter hues.

But don’t you know?
Your eyes are the color of earth,
the place where things grow and thrive.
Your eyes are the espresso that
makes people want to wake up in the morning
and the warm cocoa that
let’s them sleep peacefully at night.

When people look into your eyes
to see into your soul,
they can’t see right through.
Your eyes are mystery,
your eyes are
“come closer and see what you can make of me.”

Your eyes hit sunlight and gold
Is revealed in flashes, in specks,
your eyes are treasure,
your eyes are the roots
that make people feel like
they’ve found a place to hold onto.

While some have the color of eyes
that make people feel restless like an ocean,
feel overwhelmed by waves, blinded by stained glass
your eyes make people feel they are home.

Don’t ever hate your brown eyes, darling,
because they are more beautiful than you will ever know.
And so are you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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