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It’s Okay To Cut Out People Who Don’t Respect Your Boundaries

It’s important to understand your surroundings and the emotions you feel with those around you. You want to make sure you are uplifted and supported by the friends and family you make. It’s crucial to set boundaries and cut off those people in your life that make you feel anxious, uneasy, invalid, foundationless, and unreasonable. 

You MATTER. Your feelings MATTER. People that make fun of you or take your insecurities and basically throw them at you are not your true friends or people you want to be around. You want to surround your environment with people that are motivational, uplifting, encouraging, and inspirational. 

Sometimes it’s important to understand that you can and will outgrow people. There are people in your life that are meant to just be lessons. It’s difficult when you want to hold onto someone that you cared about so dearly. As hard as it might be, it’s important to realize that some relationships in our lives aren’t meant to last. We are supposed to keep the lesson, but not the person. 

People try to hold on and cling onto the people that aren’t meant to stay in their lives forever. A family, friend, or partner is supposed to bring a message into your life. You have to free people from your life so that you can make space and room for others to come and help you grow. Learn a new perspective and outlook on life. Remember to choose to hold onto the lesson that these people bring you.

Now, think about the circle that you associate yourself with. Do you have a good feeling about the people that are close to you? Do they truly accept you for who you are and not judge you behind your back? Do they support you especially in the times you need it?

There’s a theme going around especially on social media about “toxicity” or “toxic relationships”. Remember that peace and love are important. Peace and love will help you grow. Imagine your circle of friends, family, and your relationships as a garden. You want to keep your garden growing and take care of each other. Cut out any flower (person) in your garden that is poisonous to your mind, body, and spirit.

Elevate your surroundings by keeping people that match your energy. People that either can give you peace and harmony by putting you at ease. Now is the time to set boundaries and cut off all people that no longer serve you. You must follow your gut with those people even if you need to keep your circle small.

People that are willing to not judge you, accept you for who you are, understand and are open-minded about your opinions of life, and will continue to show you love are those that are worth keeping in your life forever.

Those that talk behind your back, laugh and call you names, don’t take you seriously, and hope to see you fail are the ones that are not ready to enter your garden.

Set boundaries. Keep your garden of people. Cut out the fakes.

You deserve those that want to be there for you even if it’s not on a daily basis. You can have family, friends, and relationships that don’t talk to you every day but just know once you reconnect that it’s like the love was never gone. The love will never fade because of how strong the bond was created but never broken.

Once you start cutting people off that feel draining and negative, your life will get a whole lot better. Stay positive and good people in your life are coming!

About the author

Kyle Lautan

I write about self-love, dating, relationships, and mental health.