5 Things You Have To Know Before Dating A Taurus

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Christian Acosta

Taurus: April 20 – May 20

Taurus is the sign of dependability, practicality, and gracefulness. Those who are a Taurus are persistent, tolerant, passionate, benevolent, tender, and supportive. However, Taurean energy can also be aggressive, stubborn, stagnant, and overindulgent. Invaluable, yet complex qualities. Ruled by The Bull, this symbolization represents a tranquil bovine who is content grazing in an earthy pasture, yet temperamental and ready to charge if challenged.

Before you date a Taurus, there are a few things to be noted.

1. A Taurus desires a mate that can bring a disparate flavor to the table.

The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus: the goddess of love, pleasure, beauty and the arts. A Taurus won’t settle for anything less than high quality when it comes to people and food. To attract a Taurus, one must be unique, classy, easy on the eyes, tender, stable, loyal, and compelling.

A Taurus craves a partner who will fulfill their fantasies in the comfort of their own nest. Exquisite cuisine and physical touch is the way to a Taurean’s heart.

2. A Taurus is a Picasso in the art of seduction.

Taurus is the sensual seducer of the zodiac—a true romantic who is serene, open, lusty, and artistic. One of the best lovers to find. They love being close and will pamper their amour with touch, admiration, and attention. By no means does this combination equate to promiscuity. Taurus instincts crave stability, devotion, comfortability, and security. Taureans are happiest in a close, committed union.

3. Don’t argue with a Taurus; you won’t win.

A Taurus can come off as pessimistic, but that is because of their unwavering practicality. The Taurean is incredibly grounded and can see situations objectively. Underneath that tough, composed exterior is a hidden layer of sensitivity.

Taureans are authentic and cannot disguise their disgust in phony company. Majestic and serene at peace; angered and unwavering if opposed. A Taurus knows exactly what they want. Their argument is better than yours, so don’t bother trying to change their mindset. The unyielding, temperamental bull will quarrel until they get their point across.

4. Taureans are old-fashioned romantics.

The Taurus quality is fixed and those born under this sign are not fond of change or being rushed. Taureans take their time and are extremely cautious of romantic entanglement, because they plays for keeps. One must be patient if they want to last with a Taurus.

Slow and steady wins the race.

As bulls can be incredibly sluggish, a Taurus only trails after the one they find worthy and capable of everlasting love. If a Taurus picks up their hooves to chase after you in an attempt to win your heart, consider yourself blessed. They only spend time grazing in pastures they could spend forever in. A good connection can quickly turn into lost reception if their lover is only after a casual affair.

5. A Taurus is possessive once committed.

When it comes to love, carefree is not in this romantics’s vocabulary. Those who are a Taurus are demanding and jealous at times, but that is only because of their undying loyalty. A Taurus protects their partner and expects them to be trustworthy and honest in the relationship. TC mark

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