This Is How You Love A Strong Woman

Twenty20 / @cppzone
Twenty20 / @cppzone

Love her when she’s speaking passionately. About her favorite band. About a book. A social issue. Some injustice she is working to fight against. The way she cares is electric. You can almost taste it. The way she cares, it’s contagious. She makes your entire existence vibrate. In the best way possible.

Love her when she’s pursuing her goals and ambitions. Let her know how supportive you are, that there’s no gender when it comes to being a cheerleader for the person you care about. Have her back the way she has yours. Be in the front row, cheering and clapping her every success.

Love her when she’s standing strong and refuses to backdown from what she believes. She’s a lioness, protecting what matters. Love this tenacity. Love her muscles, even the ones that aren’t visible. Appreciate her courage to speak up in a world that tells her to sit back down.

Love her when she’s putting up walls. Take a moment to ask yourself why she’s had to construct them. Don’t personalize it. Listen. Learn. She’s seen enough in her life to know what hurt looks like. She’s calculating the chances you’re going to hurt her. She has equipped herself with a thick set of armor just in case.

Love her despite it. Because you get it. You know you’re not the only person to ever hold her. Someone came before. Someone didn’t touch her with the kindness you do. You’re willing to be patient. Walls don’t last forever. You love her with that knowledge.

Love her when she believes in you. She has chosen you for a reason. She sees your heart and soul and is fully aware that having you in her life makes HER better. You are partners, bringing out the best in one another.

Love her when she breaks down. When things pile up and become too hard and she allows herself to hurt.

Love her when she cries or picks apart pieces of herself. Remember she is human, just like you. And her imperfections are part of the reason she IS so strong. Tell her it’s okay. Tell her weakness does not mean failure. Love her softness as much as you love her tough skin.

Love her gently.

Love her honestly.

Love her fiercely.

Just love her. Because there’s nothing quite like when a strong woman loves you too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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