9 Things You Need To Know If You’re Dating An Old School Romantic

The Notebook
The Notebook

1. Texting is fine, but it can’t be the only form of contact.

Texting is very convenient. It’s also a nice way to kill some time if you’re doing something boring like waiting at a doctor’s office or stuck at the DMV. But we need more than that. We want to hear your voice. It might sound weird, but we actually enjoy talking to you on the phone! Call us every now and then. Texting is so impersonal and we’re looking for genuine connections. There’s only so much you can get from words on a screen.

2. We’re not asking to be spoiled, we just want to know you’re making an effort.

The stereotype about romantics is that we need flowers and chocolates and to be continuously swept off our feet. That’s unrealistic. We’re less interested in the big details are we are in knowing you care. A date night in your apartment where you cook our very favorite meal is so much more impressive than taking us to a five star restaurant.

3. We don’t want to play games.

Forget any weird rule book you are convinced exists when it comes to dating. We don’t care! All that matters is the relationship at hand and making sure both people are being honest and genuine.

4. We’re not interested in Netflix and chill.

Obviously everyone is different and comfort levels are too broad to ever generalize like that. But for the most part, we want commitment. We might be down to ‘Netflix and chill’ later when we feel like there’s potential, but definitely not immediately.

5. Don’t confuse our romantic hearts with naivety.

Just because we want the real deal doesn’t automatically make us foolish. We’ve probably been hurt in the past and know it’s always a possibility. We simply prefer to believe in the good rather than focusing on all that could go wrong.

6. Take us on real dates.

Again, it doesn’t need to be extravagant or break the bank. We just want to do something with you. We’re not your buddy you just hang out with. At least, not at first. We want to date. Actually date.

7. We put 110% into relationships.

Love is important to us. We’ll go out of our way to make you feel special and understood. You’ll never be taken for granted. You are a priority to us.

8. We don’t do casual.

Casual works for some, but it’s not in our DNA. Do everyone a favor and don’t get involved with us if you’re looking for something that ‘doesn’t need to be labeled’.

9. Some of the things we like are cheesy.

Yeah, it’s true. We are suckers for some sappy stuff, and we’re willing to admit it! Maybe we’re into predictable romcoms or whatever song John Legend has recently written about Chrissy Teigen. You don’t have to share our tastes, but try not to tease us too mercilessly. We know you’ve got guilty pleasures too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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