7 Perfectly Good Reasons To Stay In This New Year’s Eve

1. You’re not missing out on anything.

Holidays like New Year’s Eve are designed to make you feel like everyone is hanging out without you (*Mindy Kaling voice*). Social media may further emphasize that perception. But think about how many NYE’s you have lived through that were no different from any night out on the town (that you could have lived without). Only this time it is made more nightmarish by your inability to get back home quickly, thanks to the sheer number of people who are out celebrating the coming year.

2. Getting home is a nightmare.

Speaking of the number of people who are out celebrating and also trying to get home, you know as well as I do that if you live in a big city, getting home is going to be hell on earth. Getting a cab turns into a battle with humanity akin to the Hunger Games. Public transportation is not necessarily going to be any better. And if you use one of our lovely and usually helpful alternatives to cabs and public tran – Uber, Lyft, etc. – the surge pricing is going to leave you with tears and bitterness come January 1st.

3. The weather outside might be frightful.

If you live in or happen to be in a warm place this time of year, ignore this entirely. (Oh, and I despise you. Just kidding, I’m jealous.) But for the rest of us who live or find ourselves in cold or not-warm places, we know in our hearts that it’s not worth it. Sure you can wear a coat, but that might involve holding your coat like a bag all night so you don’t lose it. Or you might check in your coat if you’re getting fancy for NYE, but then you’ll probably be worried about trying not to lose the check-in tag. Or maybe you’ll make the unequivocally dumb decision not to wear a coat. (Why do people do this?!) Whatever you decide, if the weather outside is frightful, is it not better to ring in the new year with warm apple cider and a good book or movie?

4. Must we do this awkward midnight kiss thing every year?

If you’re in a relationship, it’s probably the least awkward thing in the world to kiss your significant other. Except for the fact that now you’re doing it as an expectation with a bunch of other people all doing it at the same time in the same vicinity as you. (And you will feel like all eyes are on you even if they aren’t.) If you’re single, then you might be tempted to hunt down someone to “secure” a midnight kiss with, which is right up there with the most cringeworthy things in the world. (It is also awkward being the one hunted down.) And if you’re single and just couldn’t care less, then it’s still awkward because now you have to watch a whole bunch of people around you making out while trying not to be/seem/feel awkward. Yes, one less awkward moment in life many of us could forego.

5. You can drink champagne at home.

Remember that almost everything that you can do at a bar, club, or your awesome friend’s condo, you can also do at home. This includes but is not limited to: drinking champagne, getting glitter everywhere, dancing, and making loud noises once the clock strikes midnight. Sure, you may not get to kiss anyone at midnight, but guess what? You can go straight to bed instead, while your kissing friends are paying the price of spending an hour trying to hail a cab home. Who’s the real winner here?

6. You’re saving money, time, and yourself from probable disappointment.

I know, I know, that later part sounds really sad on its face but hear me out. New Year’s Eve like other holidays, is also about high expectations. The problem with holidays and high expectations is that it is the perfect set up for disappointment. Now, I don’t think living without expectations is in general, a good way to live – if it’s even possible at all. But I do think that the social culture dictates the things that we “ought” to expect, and sometimes these things are superficial. Like what you should or shouldn’t be doing on New Year’s Eve.

[*Gets off soap box*]

Apart from saving yourself from disappointment, you will save time getting ready for the party, being at the party, and coming from the party. And you will also save money. Sounds like a good way to start the new year if you ask me!

7. There will be another one next year.

If you really want to go out on New Year’s Eve (as I am partially being forced to do – I know, I’m a hypocrite), go on ahead. But honestly if you are not being “forced” to go out, if you have no desire to go out, if it all just seems more trouble than it’s worth, stay at home this year. Tomorrow, like new year eves, never dies. And if it does, well, we’ll all have much bigger problems to worry about, won’t we? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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