The 7 Girlfriends You Will Need To Get Through Your Twenties

1. The “Mom” Girlfriend

While mothers are pretty cool and I’ll always consider mine my closest friend, I will also always have enough respect for my mother to treat her first and foremost as a parent. And thus, spare her some less than ideal details of my life. In lieu of your wonderful mum, you will definitely need the girlfriend who listens like a mother does, advises you in a way that respects your decisions but doesn’t always tell you what you want to hear; and is definitely the first person to offer to bring you soup and old DVDs when you’re sick.

2. The Really, Really Cool/Hot Girlfriend (That Knows It)

Yes, you might be quite a catch yourself but let’s face it, there’s nothing better than being friends with a really hot girl who knows she’s hot. Why? Because you’ll definitely gain some confidence just from being around her, and she’ll never be afraid to take any unwanted attention off of you. Aside from that, the really hot girlfriend usually knows the best places to go with other really hot people (and how to interact with them effortlessly). Girls just wanna have fun okay? And this girlfriend will always be there to make sure you do.

3. The Grounded Girlfriend

The grounded girlfriend is the level-headed friend who keeps you from going overboard in anything. You’ll really admire her because she has her life together in almost every way possible. But she also always makes time for you, and never lets you forget that. She’ll be one of the first few people you’ll call when you really have to talk to someone, or make an important decision. A great listener, she always seems to find the right words to say, and keeps you from flying off the handle, with your feet firmly planet on the ground.

4. The Girlfriend Who Has Known You Forever

You will definitely need the girlfriend who has been through hell and back with you, especially during your younger years when everything was confusing. You sort of have to be friends with this girl till the day you both die, because you know way too much about each other, and your mutual secrets need to be taken to the grave. This is the girl that you share almost every intimate detail of your life with because honestly, nothing you say shocks her anymore. This girlfriend is like you sister.

5. The Really Smart Girlfriend

You half-seriously and half-jokingly describe the smart girlfriend as the person who would be your lifeline were you ever to go on a show and were on the verge of winning a million dollars, and only had one lifeline left. You genuinely love the smart girlfriend because you have the best conversations with her and you always feel like you learn so much just from being around her. The smart girlfriend is always your go-to when you just need to have a serious conversation about life with someone who “gets it.”

6. The Girlfriend Who Knows Everyone

Whether it’s a networking event you’re trying to sneak into or you need to stay with someone in a different part of the world, we all need a girlfriend that has got the hook up. You’re pretty sure this girl runs the world and just doesn’t tell anybody about it. Usually busy as a bee, and sometimes known as your “I’ll see you when I see you girlfriend,” she has never ever let you down when you’ve needed her. She is the girl who just makes things happens – no excuses. And you don’t know where you’d be without her.

7. The “Down For Anything” Girlfriend

This is arguably the girlfriend you’re probably going to end up spending most of your time with in your twenties. You might not initially think of her as your closest girlfriend but with time, you’ll realize this girl is probably your spirit animal in a way only the two of you understand. She’s the girl you party with, go on lazy friend dates with, and call randomly on Wednesday nights to eat cookies and drink wine with. The “down for anything” girlfriend is an M&M in a world filled with raisins – cherish her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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