20 Signs You’re Sleep Deprived

  1. You’re hungry at all hours of the day. You find yourself unashamedly snacking an hour after eating lunch.
  2. You particularly crave candy more than usual which is probably to energize your body in lieu of all the sleep you’re not getting.
  3. You’re in a loud place like a bar or club and you’re yawning every two minutes.
  4. You day-dream about your bed.
  5. You constantly feel like you’re on the brink of getting a cold.
  6. You keep getting colds.
  7. You fall asleep within 5 minutes of going to bed.
  8. Everything and everyone irritates you.
  9. You keep losing things.
  10. You misplace everything. Example: You put your phone in the fridge and the carton of milk on your dresser.
  11. You keep hallucinating.
  12. You’ve become clumsy. As in tripping over the same pair of shoes has become a daily occurrence. (Tip: Move the pair of shoes out of the way.)
  13. You’re more forgetful than usual.
  14. You’re more emotional than usual. Example: A funny video about cats caused you to start crying. You hate cats.
  15. You’ve fallen into short bouts of sleep while standing up on public transportation.
  16. Your attention span has severely diminished.
  17. Your ability to converse with people is barely existent.
  18. Everyone keeps telling you that you look tired.
  19. Everyone keeps telling you that you sound tired.
  20. Everyone keeps telling you that you need more sleep. Sometimes everyone is right. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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