18 Things That Will Make You Smile


1. Elderly couples holding hands.

2. The laughter of babies/small children. (Yes, even for those of you who think they are little monsters.)

3. When you witness any sort of kindness being done to a stranger.

4. When you observe “friends” who so obviously like each other as more than friends.

5. Bacon. (As a person with vegetarian tendencies, I disagree, but many will inevitably smile at this, so I’m including it.)

6. Remembering a fond childhood memory.

7. Finding something you’ve lost.

8. Unexpectedly running into a long lost friend that you miss.

9. Getting flowers, a card, or a message of love in the form of a call, text, email, or voicemail from someone that you love.

10. When your crush/someone you’re really attracted to smiles at you first.

11. Pictures from high school or college of you and your friends having a good time.

12. When the sun finally shines after some not so sunny weather.

13. Waking up to the smell of breakfast. (Unless of course you’re one of those strange people who don’t like breakfast.)

14. Finding cash in your pocket.

15. Your apartment after you’ve had a “cleanup/makeover” day.

16. Your favorite cartoon from childhood.

17. A moment of reflection that comes to you when you realize that you have a lot to be grateful for.

18. Doing anything that makes somebody else genuinely smile. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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