16 Reasons You Should Spend Less Time On Facebook

  1. Because you’re procrastinating doing work that is relevant to your life.
  2. Because you don’t actually care about 75% of the people on your Facebook.
  3. Because rants are annoying and a day can’t go past without someone ranting on there.
  4. Because you don’t need to know what is going on in that many people’s lives.
  5. Because you don’t need that many people knowing what is going on in your life.
  6. Because a lot of people are faking it.
  7. Because 85% of it is useless information that you will soon forget.
  8. Because you’re comparing your life to what your friends depict their life as.
  9. Because photos of sonograms and daily baby bumps do not enrich your life in anyway.
  10. Because relationship statuses or a lack thereof do not tell you anything about the relationship status. (Think about it.)
  11. Because your ego is way too tied to your Facebook interactions.
  12. Because you’ll give less of a shit what people think and there is a lot of freedom in that.
  13. Because you’ll spend more time and effort cultivating and maintaining real relationships.
  14. Because you want to like people and have faith in humanity.
  15. Because wouldn’t you rather be living your life than posting about it?
  16. Because Facebook is not real life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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