7 Bon Iver Songs (And The Perfect Kind Of Melancholy Winter Nights When You Should Listen To Them)


Anytime I listen to Bon Iver images of being in a snowy cabin in the middle of the Midwestern wilderness immediately come to mind, which makes perfect sense considering his beloved songs from the album “For Emma, Forever Ago” were recorded in his father’s desolate cabin in the Wisconsin woods after a breakup with both his band and girlfriend.

That album was released quite awhile ago (2007) and not all of the songs on this list are from the same record but his music makes a perfect soundtrack for winter nights when you find yourself alone and thinking in-depth about life and love. His style exudes just the right amount of lonely remoteness for a great night of reflection. Plus, Bon Iver is the bastardized version of the French phrase “good winter” so it seems apt that winter is the most ideal time to put his tunes on, right? Here are 7 awesome Bon Iver songs and all the moody moments when you should keep him on repeat.

1. “Skinny Love” – When you know you have to let go of an unsustainable love

“And now all your love is wasted // And then who the hell was I?”

2. “Blood Bank” – When you feel that nervous hope you’ve finally found someone special

“Then the snow started falling // We were stuck out in your car”

3. “Holocene” – When you realize you’re a small part of something much larger in this world

“And at once I knew I was not magnificent”

4. “Michicant” – When you’re feeling nostalgic about your childhood

“Aiming and it sunk and we were drunk and we had fleshed it out”


5. “For Emma” – When you’re thinking about the one who got away

“With all your lies // you’re still very lovable”

6. “Re:Stacks” – When you’re having a lot introspective ~feelings~ about your life

“This my excavation and today is kumran // Everything that happens is from now on”

7. “Wisconsin” – When you just need to have a really good cry over your ex

“That was Wisconsin, that was yesterday”

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