10 Commandments Every Book Lover Needs You To Abide By


Commandment I

Thou shalt not watch the movie first.

Commandment II

Thou shalt not lose or never return borrowed book.

Commandment III

Thou shalt not ask, “So, what’s the book about?” after seeing thy reader begin to start reading first chapter.

Commandment IV

Thou shalt not question the time of night when thy reader finishes a chapter, flips the next page, and whispers okay, just one more. 

Commandment V

If thy book is borrowed thy book must be read within adequate time for proper discussion over tea and biscuits.

Commandment VI

Thou shalt not question the voraciousness in which thy reader consumes reading materials.

Commandment VII

Thou shalt not complain of spending whole afternoons browsing bookstores.

Commandment VIII

Thou shalt not question why thy reader always brings thy book with her.

Commandment IX

Thou shalt not make fun of or judge thy reader for genre or title of thy book.

Commandment X

Thou shalt not question why thy reader smells old books. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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