This Is The Type Of Girl You’ll Regret Hurting The Most

This Is The Type Of Girl You’ll Regret Hurting The Most

She’s the type who will give you more chances than you probably deserve because when shown the bad parts of you she chooses to see the good.

She’s the type who will forgive your lies and believe your excuses because she understands things come up and sometimes plans don’t go accordingly.

She’s the type who won’t be mad you canceled she’ll just be disappointed she couldn’t see you and spend time with you.

She’s the type who will accept your apologies even in the times you don’t say you’re sorry because she believes in the person you can be.

She’s the type who will never stop trying because she believes some people are worth the effort.

She’s the type you can rely on, the one who will always be there even though you haven’t shown her that same respect and commitment.

She’s the type who will be there even when she’s busy because she doesn’t like letting people down.

She’s the type who will answer your texts quickly even when you don’t because she doesn’t believe in playing games.

She’s the type you know you can have if you want her but something about that is too easy.

She’s the type who will give without expecting something in return.

She’s the type that even if you’re mean she won’t respond with anything but silence.

She’s the type who will give you her undivided attention even if you haven’t earned it.

She’s the type that’ll love you unconditionally regardless of how you feel. Because she cares about building people up and not using them to build herself up.

She’s the type who will love really hard and get hurt for it.

She’s the type who will live with her heart on her sleeve and it’ll leave her insecure.

She’s the type who will look at her reflection analyzing flaws thinking there’s something wrong with her and not those people who fail to see her value.

She’s the type who will say exactly how she feels and not apologize for it.

She’s the type who lives by the rule ‘treat people the way you want to be treated.’

Even though there are some people who could use a taste of their medicine. She’ll never be the one to give someone what they might deserve.

And in return, she gets used and taken advantage of and judged very harshly and treated unkindly even though she never deserved it.

Despite being given every reason to change, she won’t.

Despite everything, she’ll still believe in people.

She’ll stay exactly who she is.

She’ll continue to act exactly as she does.

She’ll continue to get hurt not changing.

But what changes is every person she interacts with.

Because the girl who doesn’t change is the one who changes everyone around her through her example of kindness, compassion, unconditional love and understanding.

She’ll walk away after trying harder than she should have in the first place.

She’s the type whose heart will break giving up on you but even she knows there’s only so much someone can do.

She’ll be the type you’ll hurt when you’re young and you’ll live to regret it when you’re older.

And you’ll think back knowing you hurt someone who chose to never do the same when you probably deserved it.

Then when you finally muster the courage to apologize, she’ll forgive you so easily, welcoming you with open arms and a smile like the time, distance and mistakes were just a thing in the past.

There will be in a single moment of watching her out of the corner of your eye, you realize she’s the one who deserved better this whole time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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