12 Virgos Share Their Greatest Piece Of Advice For Other Virgos Trying To Find Love

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1. “Understand that there is a difference between the typical anxiety that a lot of Virgos feel about love, and then specific anxiety that comes from being with a person who just makes you feel stressed or unwanted or misunderstood.”

–Chase, 30

2. “Stop coming up with all the reasons why a relationship is not going to work out before the relationship has even started.”

–Kelsey, 26

3. “Don’t come up with excuses for people who treat you poorly.”

–Darren, 32

4. “Be upfront about what you want and don’t apologize for it. Trying to be okay with mind games and ‘leaving things open’ might make you seem more ‘chill’ and ‘carefree’ but it’s not worth the amount of stress and anxiety it causes you. It’s better to just be clear about what you want and then if the other person isn’t interested in being clear too, you can move on and save yourself a lot of worry and heartache.”

–Alysa, 24

5. “When you’re with someone new, focus on just being with them. Even if you can’t turn your brain and your obsessive thinking off most of the time, use all the effort and energy you have to turn it off as much as you can when you’re with that person, and just let yourself enjoy it. Then you’ll be able to know if you’re really into them.”

–Karla, 31

6. “Remember that being shy and a little more reserved doesn’t make you boring. You are just as fascinating and interesting and deserving of love as everyone else. It just takes you a little longer to open up.”

–Marco, 29

7. “Never forget that you can always talk about stuff with friends you really trust and people who care about you. If you’re freaking out or feeling lost or overwhelmed by a relationship, don’t bottle it up. Talk to someone you trust and they’ll make you feel better and less alone, even if the relationship doesn’t work out.”

–Cynthia, 28

8. “When you find someone who truly feels like the real deal, be vulnerable, even if you’re nervous and scared. Open up, try to let them in, take the risk. A lot of times you’ll end up getting hurt, but sometimes it really, really pays off. And with either outcome, you never have to wonder what could have happened.”

–Barry, 34

9. “Remember that you’re lovable. You really are. Stop letting your negative thoughts try to convince you otherwise.”

–Annie, 30

10. “Remind yourself what you’re looking for when you’re dating. It doesn’t mean you have to have absurdly ridiculous standards, but knowing that you deserve someone who treats you well and makes you happy will help you move past the duds without giving it too much thought.”

–Bailey, 26

11. “Respect yourself, stick up for yourself, be open but firm with what kind of person you want to be with, be honest with yourself when someone is not good enough or not treating you right.”

–Jack, 25

12. “Don’t be afraid of change. The right person is supposed to change your life a little bit.”

–Simon, 31 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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