27 Really Unextraordinary Things Happy People Do Every Day

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They compliment people, even strangers, with no motivation other than just being nice.


They let anger from the little things – traffic, long lines, loud people on the train – wash over them for a few seconds, and then they let it go.


They perform really simple acts of kindness, like paying for the coffee of the person behind them in the drive-thru, or letting someone go in front of them in line if they can tell that person is in a hurry.


And they never tell anyone else about these tiny acts of kindness.


They always try to take in beautiful views with their eyes first. There will always be time for pictures later.


They read. Books, articles, whatever makes them think.


They let themselves feel what they need to feel, instead of trying to bury their emotions.


They meditate. Because even if it’s challenging or tedious or boring sometimes, it’s worth it.


They make a conscious effort not to focus on what they’re going to say next when they’re talking to someone. They enjoy their conversations so much more that way.


They remember that just because they want something doesn’t mean they’re automatically entitled to it.


They pause for a few moments each day and focus on their breath – in through the nose, out through the mouth. It’s the simplest thing, but the sense of relief they feel afterwards is always soothing.


They actively relax – which means that instead of scrolling through their phone on the couch, only to look up and realize an hour has gone by, they actively make the choice to do something that rests and reenergizes their mind and body, whether that’s reading a book, taking a nap, eating their favorite snack while watching their favorite show, etc.


They ask questions about things that intrigue them.


They always say ‘thank you.’


They search for joy in the tiny things – hot cups of coffee, sitting on sunny patios, changing into warm socks after being out in the rain. Because the little things add up.


They take breaks from the internet. They may have come to terms with the fact that trying to live ‘off the grid’ is pretty impossible – but they still make sure that their lives have a healthy balance, and that social media only takes up a small part of the space in their brain.


They ask for help when they need it, whether that’s asking a taller person to reach the top item on a grocery store shelf or reaching out to a friend when they’re struggling with severe anxiety. Whatever it is, big or small, they let themselves ask for help.


They remind themselves that tomorrow is always a new day.


They apologize when they screw up.


They get enough sleep. Maybe not tons. But always enough.


They always try to say ‘yes’ if they sense that something will be good, educational, enlightening, comforting, or beneficial for them in anyway – even if they don’t feel like saying ‘yes.’


But they also care enough about their health and their wellbeing to know when they need to say ‘no.’


They remember that all humans are complicated beings and that everyone has a side to them that most people don’t understand.


They especially remember this when they’re having to deal with someone they really don’t like. It dilutes their irritation and always helps them to be more compassionate.


They tell people they love them.


They make other people feel seen, heard, and cared about.


They remember to look up, they remember to look around, they remember to be grateful that they’re alive. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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